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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, July 16, 2012


Young Man - - courtesy
Pilgrim Tom has arrived at slightly below middle age. He is old enough to be able to look back and reflect on his hits and misses which is something everyone has.

For some reason the word scraggily comes to mind when describing him as a youth for he displayed that image unintentionally mind you.   Thankfully he filled out and became a fairly decent looking young man or at least his mother didn’t have to hide him in the closet when company came.

Tom was an ordinary person although he felt special, and he became industrious and was able to make a living for himself.

Being unsatisfied with his inner feelings he found the path to righteousness which led him to salvation and established him on a solid foundation. At this point his life was changed and he viewed life from a different stand point.  Life wasn’t much easier but it had taken on true meaning and the struggling was now with purpose.

Tom viewed himself as a pilgrim, a traveler on the way to the holy place. This concept allowed him see himself as one who was just marking time here but without a sense of permanence as the song  says; this world is not my home I’m just passing through, my treasures are laid up far beyond the blue.

This idea did not prohibit him from doing his best to be successful in the interim for there was also the occupying “until then.”

While he had always been aware of the opposite sex, he had kept them at a distance but lately things were changing. For some reason he was being more attracted by them and from within strange desires were making their appearance.

While many of the young ladies appealed to him there wasn’t much response from them and this puzzled him.   One day this fine example of womanhood seemed to be interested in him. He scarcely knew how to act for this was a new experience which took some getting used to. As time went by he began to experience an attack of passion that grew until he proposed marriage to what he hoped would be his intended.

The next few weeks were almost frantic which he couldn’t understand for all he wanted to do was get married but she saw it a different way. Apparently there was a ritual that women must go through in preparing for a wedding that he just didn’t comprehend.

Finally the day arrived for the wedding. Something else he didn’t understand until later was she had to consult the calendar for the right day for the wedding.

Tom managed to get through the ceremony and the well wishing and it was over. He survived and the bride arrived unopened which was soon changed.
Tom had gone from scraggily to young married man and was on his way to the next phase of his pilgrimage.   To be continued - - -

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