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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, March 3, 2016

North of Austin - Chapter Six

Chapter Six  -  The Honey Moon
The wedding was a semi-formal affair and I bought me a black suit that I would be wearing for the wedding and in court it the future.

All my folks were there and Abby’s clan was also well represented. Abby’s father wanted us to have a nice honeymoon so he paid for us to go to Chicago by train and stay at a nice hotel.

No one in my family had ever had a honeymoon they just went to the preacher and then moved in together so this was something new for us.

It was late afternoon by the time we left and the middle of the morning the next day by the time we arrived at the hotel.  Her father had booked us what they called a suite instead of a room so we had plenty of space to stretch out. After we unpacked we sat in the living room and took some deep breaths just looking at each other.  I asked her if she was hungry and she said not yet.

We sat there for a while longer and I said, “What do you want to do?”

She grinned and said; “What do you think?”  With that she started to remove her clothes. I swallowed a time or two and also started to take off my clothes.

When she got down to her underwear she stopped and said you will have to take the rest off. I gently caressed her while I removed the rest of her clothes and we spent the rest of the afternoon embracing each other.

All of the things Abner had told me now made sense where before I didn’t fully understand it. In the midst of our lovemaking she started to make loud noises and I almost panicked for Abner never mention this. I asked if she was alright and she gasped out a loud yes.

Afterward she looked exhausted but I had to ask; were you in pain? She burst out laughing and said yes the most pleasurable pain imaginable. I took that to mean everything was okay.

During the week we went out and saw some of the sights Chicago had to offer but most of our time was spent in out suite enjoying each other.

I thought of many people I knew who couldn’t wait for marriage and tried to satisfy some lust of the moment and how things turn out badly for them.

Thinking back to the time in school when I told Abby she was my girl for life I never could have dreamed she would be so well developed and the wonderful passionate woman she turned out to be.  I only hoped that the women my brothers married are as passionate as my Abby.

I have come to understand my Ma is that type of woman and Abner’s wife is the same even though she isn’t the prettiest gal around.

We arrived back home and settled in although our desire for one another hasn’t subsided any as of yet.  Abner said things will slow down a bit as kids come along but I had a hard time believing that.

I have gone back to work in the law office full time until classes begin. Abby has set up housekeeping and has a lot of her old girl friends from the past coming over. They constantly ask about me and intimate questions about our love life.

I have come in and heard their questions and some of her answers to them. She says things like; “Oh he is wonderful, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, there isn’t another one like him.”

To my embarrassment she would go into more detail as they would probe for more information. When I would come in they would stare at me, looking me over from head to foot, undressing me as it were.

She got the greatest kick out of teasing them and I would get one more longing look as they left.

I told Abby she should stop telling her friends, stories about me because I had more than one proposition put to me already and furthermore I turn red while they are staring at me below my belt.  She roared laughing at that but turned serious and said she would stop leading them on.

I began to have some of the older women in town tell me they had some legal problems they needed advice on and asked me to come to their home and help them. I would tell them I am not licensed to act in the capacity of which they needed help but would have one of the other attorneys come over and help them.  Their answer was always short which was; just forget it I’ll take care of it myself.  I can’t imagine what amazing stories are being told about me behind my back.

I was back in school again and had discovered each month there was a few down days in our love making. This was something I guess I had heard about but experiencing it was another thing. I decided that a break every so often was a good thing.
Being raised on the farm I had related human sexuality to what the animals did but it wasn’t long till I realized there was a vast difference between humans and the animals when it came to loving and making love.


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