New FREE e-book: The Old Man and the Widow

New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Growing up in the thirties and forties (and for that matter in the 2010s) I was captivated by the old radio programs.

I loved the way they let me use my imagination. As they described the action I visualized every event and was quite involved.

I could see the masked man (Lone Ranger) and his horse Silver as he said; “Hi ho Silver away.”

The programs inner sanctum and I love a mystery caused me to sleep with my head under the covers. It was amazing how those covers provided a protective shield that nothing could penetrate.

Recently I started to download some of these programs and listen to them again and I’m happy to report that the covers still work especially for the “Lights out” mystery program.

While some humor is dated programs like Baby Snooks still can make you laugh. There are literally thousands of free downloads available and without the vulgar and swear words. While there are many sites that sponsor them the URL below is my favorite one. You should be able to copy and paste it should be interested.

(Or hold down the “Control” on your computer while you click on the site below.)

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