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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Let me see I was telling you about me and Sarai.

We had followed my father up north to Haran where he died.

I was still in my prime about 75 years old when GOD had told me to go south to Canaan’s land. There was a famine there and so I kept moving south until we came to Egypt’s border. The further we went the more fear I had especially for my life.

When I looked at Sarai she still had all her beauty and I reasoned that someone would kill me and take her. My fear droved me to ask her to say that she was my sister and not to say she was my wife. While I didn’t feel good about that, after all - - I was scared.

Well just as I figured, as soon as the Egyptians saw her, they took her and put her in Pharaoh’s harem. I knew what that meant, for sooner or later he would have sex with her. This made me uncomfortable to say the least but I saw no viable alternative.

Well it was also as I figured Pharaoh gave me a little of everything and made me richer. Once again GOD moved upon the scene for he had greater plans for me that involved Sarai.

All of the sudden bad things began to happen to Pharaoh. When things got very bad GOD came to Abimelech the Pharaoh and told him Abraham had deceived him for Sarai was in fact Abraham’s wife. Abimelech asked God how do I get out of this mess and God told him to give Abraham his wife back along with some sheep and servants and stuff and then tell them to git out. The Pharaoh did that and then God removed all the curses from him and his household.

Something I learned from all that was you can lie while telling the truth if you leave out some of the facts, and that bad things can happen as a result of doing that. Well it was on the road again heading north with all my riches and Lot also had gotten rich too. We were so blessed that we had to part and go our separate ways.

Things were never dull because we were very busy and GOD had come back on the scene and said I would have a son which was good news to me. He also promised to make me a great nation and give me all the land I walked upon.

God made many more promises and I told HIM that I believed what HE was saying and my faith in what He said will be put to my account as righteousness. I was finding that time is the enemy of faith for the longer you wait for the promise to be fulfilled the more your faith is tested.

Sarai said you know we have been trying but so far nothing has changed and I’m still am not with child. She said take Hagar and she can be my surrogate and she can have my child. I said OK and I did and we did and shortly here was Ishmael. I tried to get GOD to accept Ishmael as the promised heir of mine but He said no. Sometime after this GOD spoke to me again and said HE was changing Sarai’s name to Sarah and she would have a son.

Moral ; most of us have “feet of clay” as did Abraham and make mistakes while working things through. "The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak," but the flesh can be controlled and the spirit strengthened if we desire

I gotta go for now but will be back.

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