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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, March 27, 2011


There is so much to tell I hardly know where to start. Noah was my father and I had two brothers, Ham and Japheth.

Dad was pretty straight laced and made us toe the line. While other boys we knew were wild and reckless we obeyed dad. One day dad told us boys that we were going to build an ark. He described how it would be built and that one day a flood would come.

I personally thought that it was a dumb idea but nobody argued with dad. Furthermore I thought we could rent apartments in case the flood never showed up. Building the ark was a tremendous task, and I almost flipped when dad told us to gather up all them animals, and food enough to feed them.

To be frank about it I was getting a little pushed out because the ark was finished, and was ready for the rain, and we just sat there with everybody making fun of us.  I got into it with some of the nastiest ones and wasn’t much fun at home with my wife.

Then suddenly it happened.  Dad said, “Load up boys the time has come.” We broke the records for moving people and animals because all the sudden time was of the essence. When we were all set, GOD shut the door and the torrents of water fell.

Simply put being shut with all them animals wasn’t the most pleasant time in my life, and I was glad when the voyage was finally over. Them animals emptied the ark in record time and we got on with the task of being fruitful and multiplying; this was mostly the women’s job although they didn’t get much credit for it.

At first it started slow but after a few years there was so many people that each tribe went in separate ways and spread across the earth. I did my share of replenishing and even though I had many girls I only counted the boys as worth mentioning.

We were farming, raising stock and enjoying life. Noah, dad that is liked to raise grapes and make wine. One time he got drunk and took his clothes off. When Ham accidentally saw him buck naked dad got real mad and said some bad things to Ham.

Two years after the flood I had my first son and from there it was like a flood of kids inundating the earth. Because I lived so long, I outlived many of young ones, Even years later Abraham died before I did. Seems like those born after the flood were not made out of the same stuff.
One thing that survived the flood was the ability and desire to sin, much to my sorrow. If in the future, times return to what they were in “The days of Noah,” GOD will once again have to deal with the problem severely.

In later years I was called Melchizedek and was a priest unto GOD.

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