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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Several years ago Clint Eastwood appeared in a movie by the name The Good, the Bad and the Ugly it portrayed three men, each one portraying one of the above.

Clint was the good in this instance, but they all could have been considered the bad.

Having spent sometime in the hospital I experienced some of that good, bad, and ugly treatment from the nurses.

A few (thankfully) certainly fit the ugly personification for they let you know that you were disturbing them when you needed help. They saved their sweetness for someone else if they had any sweetness at all.

I was impressed how hard life would be, having to live with them, and pity a child in that environment. My experience with nurses trained in other countries has not been good but that is just my experience.

Then, there were those who were bad, some very bad. The range was from mediocre to downright awful. Once when I was somewhat comfortable in bed, this nurse came flying into the room and started rearranging everything. All my stuff I was using was within arms length, but she grabbed it and put it where I would have to get out of bed and take it down from a shelf. Then she moved the bed and then proceeded to grab me and jerk me up high up in the bed where I was very uncomfortable. When she got everything the way she wanted it she said; “There that’s better.”

This woman had graduated from nurses’ school in the sixties and wore the style of hat they wore at that time, which looked a little strange. She continued doing things that made me uncomfortable, and I finally told the head nurse to keep her out of my room. Later I found I wasn’t the only one who had complained about her. I felt sorry for her because she was trying so very hard to do a job but I just couldn’t handle the weirdness.

Then there were many others who were great. They were watchful over you and always checked on you to see if you needed anything. There were two or three who were exceptional.

One I remember well, I had been given some drug that sent me on a trip and I was extremely confused. I lost touch with reality and the “no reality” was frightening. This nurse checked on me, and realized what was going on, and she sat and talked to me for several hours until the drug wore off. I was genuinely thankful that she stayed with me through that episode, and I never want to take a trip like that again.

Overall my hospital trips have been as good as one could expect, for this isn’t suppose to be fun.

I am thankful for the good, the bad, and the ugly for they all played a part in my survival.

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