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Monday, September 17, 2012

DARREL'S WOE'S Chapter 3

Learning some Steps from Aunt Sarah
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After being led, I should have said dragged around the school auditorium dance by that tall gal for an hour I was wore out.

But while we were making our circuits around the floor I notice several things.  One of which was a lot of the guys were trying to hold their partner very close to them. While some of the girls didn't seem to mind others didn't like it and said so out loud.

Some of the boys stepped back several inches while others were a little harder to discourage.  As for me I tried to stand at arms length but she kept me closer than I wanted to be.

Over the next day or two I thought about the whole ordeal and concluded that it wasn't all that bad and if I had been better prepared I might have almost enjoyed it.

Now it had been several years since I talked to my mom, I mean really talked to her. Our conversations only dealt with the superficial things, but nothing personal. Maybe you can realize how difficult it was to approach the subject of taking some dance lessons. The idea of me wanting to do something so interactive with another person was almost outrageous to her.

The look on her face made me want to head for the door but paralyses set in and I couldn't move. In this transfixed state I tried to act as if there wasn't anything unnatural about this request.

At first she was stunned and sat down, then came the interrogation wanting to know why and on and on. This was the reason I hadn't talk to her at this level for some time. I kept my answers simple and after she wound down she wanted to know how much money we were talking about and when I told her she turned several shades of red, then ashen and went through her complete repertoire of grimaces.

When she caught her breath she said "no." I tried to pout but I just couldn't work it up. Then she said I don't understand why you won't call up your aunt Sarah she has been known to knock a mean step or two and maybe she will help you.

The idea of talking to Aunt Sarah was almost as bad as talking to mom but I knew if I didn't mom would mention our conversation to her and I would be embarrassed.

So I decided to approach Aunt Sarah and just work up to the subject by saying I had heard that she was a good dancer but before I could open my mouth she said, "So you want to be a good dancer?"  
She had put some music on the old stereo and then turned it on. For the next two hours she taught the basic steps to all the popular dances and best of all she taught me how to lead.

After several more sessions I was ready for the next school dance. I had the confidence needed to "Trip the light fantastic" as the old saying goes and I hoped I would gain at least a little respect from my peers.

Come, and trip it as ye go,
On the light fantastick toe.
And in thy right hand lead with thee,
The Mountain Nymph, sweet Liberty; Milton

To be Continued  - - -

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