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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, September 27, 2012


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The girls now ages ten and eight, were quickly growing up.  My darling wife, Kaylee wasn't getting any better though she was trying her best, but the running of the house and the care of the girls was getting to be more than she could handle.  I hired a part time aide to take care of the cleaning, and laundry so everything was kept up.  Meanwhile the girls were spending a lot of time at their aunt's ranch. They loved it out there with their cousin and the three of them just being cowgirls.

Girl Driving a Tractor
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Uncle fixed up an old pickup and showed them how to drive it out in a big field. He locked it a low gear and put a lock on the carburetor linkage so they could only go about ten miles an hour. Sometimes they would spend most of the day taking turns driving that thing.

Uncle had a method to his madness for as they progressed he taught them how to run all of the farm equipment and when planting or harvest time came around, they were able to work and more importantly earn their own money. It was hands off of their money for they spent it any way they wanted.

Then came the time I had been dreading. The call to 911, the waiting, the doctor coming and him saying, "I'm sorry there is no more to be done." Those last moments while sitting with Kaylee drained me to the point where I felt there was nothing left of me.
The end came fast and I was spared enduring hours and days waiting for the inevitable. Arrangements were made with a funeral home and the hospital took care of calling them.

The next task was very difficult for I had to tell the girls.  I wanted to do it in person though I had alerted my sister-in-law to the seriousness of the situation.   I hurried to the ranch where they were staying with Auntie and Uncle.
As gently as I could I told them their mother had gone to heven, and they ran to their auntie for comfort, she was almost like a second mother to them.

I spent the night at the ranch and the next morning I called my employer and explained how devastated I was. He expressed his condolences and told me to take a month or more off until I had coped with my loss.

My sister-in-law came to see how I was doing.  She knew how difficult it would be for both me and the girls without Kaylee, and told me she wanted the girls to live with her permanently. 

Realizing that this would be best for the girls to be in a stable environment, I reluctantly agreed.  Actually they had been staying about half the time with Auntie and Uncle anyway.  After the funeral,
I brought the girls home, and talked about the future and asked what they wanted to do. I explained about bringing in a housekeeper who would look after them or they could live with their aunt. They both quickly said; "Auntie.” I knew this would be their choice but I thought it would be better if they had an option where they could make their own decision.

For the next few weeks I tried to get back to a new normal but without Kaylee and the girls it was a hollow existence.  Once or twice a week, I went out to the ranch to visit my girls and took all three girls (my two daughters and their cousin) to some events they could enjoy.   
To be Continued


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