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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DARRELLS WOES chapter Four

My First Job
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 I'm glad you returned to be with me again. Let's see I left of telling about my aunt teaching me how to dance.  Perhaps later I will get back to some experiences I had dancing, but for now I will go on and tell you some details about my daily life.

As I inched nearer to the most important day of my foreseeable future that was my sixteenth birthday.  This day was going to change my world.  Now I was old enough for a part time job.  
Off I went to all of the fast food places and asked for an application for employment. I got the same answer at each place; fill this out and bring it back after you turn sixteen and not before. I was elated and deflated at the same time for I hoped to go to work part time the first minute of my birthday.

As it happened when I gave each manager my application they would say; “We'll put this on file, when we need some help you will be considered meanwhile don't bother us.”

It was some six weeks later I received a phone call telling me to come in for an interview. I was there almost by the time they hung up ready to assure them I was their man.  After a number of questions that seemed irrelevant they said they would let me know. That wasn't the answer I was hoping for but I still had a chance.

I filled my time passing the written drivers test, getting a drivers permit and begging my dad to allow me to drive. By the time I was ready to take my driving test my dad was a nervous wreck, and had to get some pills from the doctor.

Now since I had a license to drive, my life became more tedious for I had nothing to drive. The family car was now off limits, and I was told when I got a job the money would go into my college fund.  I begged and pled for some wheels to no avail. What made it worse was several of the more affluent families had bought their kids new cars as a reward for staying out of trouble.

I didn't realized I could have this much passion for anything and I suffered mightily because my desires for a car were unfulfilled.

I received a call to come to work at a burger joint and I thought to myself, “now that I am employed surely I will need a car to get to work.”

But my dad said; “Why should you ride in a five thousand dollar used car when you could ride in a 200,000.00 dollar bus?” He then gave me a supply of quarters for bus fare.

My job at the burger place was flipping burgers and other menial tasks when I wasn't busy cooking. The only problem I had was the burger smell was hard to get off, and even after a long shower I still smelled good to anyone who was hungry.

They next thing I knew my tormentors at school nicknamed me Burger Dude.  

It was just another thing I had to live with.   
To be Continued

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