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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

UNCLE DAN Chapter Four

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WW2 was over and once the shouting quieted down the cold hard facts set in;
There were no jobs for the unemployed". It was up almost fifteen million by some estimates. Whatever the number - - my family members were all out of work except my dad.

Carpooling was a new concept where people rode to work each and every day with one another. The primary reason for this was because of gas rationing.  If you owned a car you had to have a gas rationing book. There had to be a sticker on the windshield, A,B,C,T and X were the different categories. See below for more information concerning applying for one;

The reason for mentioning this is in the carpool Uncle Dan was in was a man who had been working in the shipyard as well as a service station. He did this to be kept from being drafted into the army. Being drafted in those days consisted of being called up, given six weeks training and shipped overseas to shoot and be shot at so he was hesitant to go.

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While working at the station (after being laid off from the shipyard) a salesman came in each day and filled his car up and over a period of time he talked about starting a roofing business.  He sold roofs for Sears Roebuck and thought he could get the contracts to install their roofs. He had a nephew who could shingle and they needed a little more capital to get started.

So the three of them started the A B C roofing company and immediately needed some roofers. The union wouldn't send them any experienced men so they tried to find men with some building experience.

Because of riding back and forth to the shipyard and being known to one of the owners, Uncle Dan, Uncle Ern and my step dad (mom had divorced my dad) all got a job roofing. At first it was on the job training but soon they were able to do a good job. Then the union came around and said all these guys would have to join the union so they did.

I was only fifteen at the time but I manage to work for them also, albeit it was on the sly for I wasn't old enough to join the union. Things went well for a few months until the slow season came and even though we had jobs there was no work. The economy was slowly picking up and there was now a few jobs available. Uncle Ern fell and hurt his back and couldn't roof anymore but was eventually hired by Lucky Markets in the produce department.  Uncle Dan went to work on a ranch and - - -

I will pick it up there next when I continue.

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