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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, September 30, 2012


One of the key players in the demise of America was the culture propagated in the sixties, and the so called sexual revolution along with the Anti-Christ philosophy that was taught in the Universities across our land.
Is encouraged by the God-Less Society

The Christian faith was constantly under attack by atheist professors.  Kids just out of high school were demeaned in every way possible from not having sex to not being a dope user. The children were not prepared for this onslaught of demonic doctrine.

The New York Times reports that more than half of the births to American women under thirty are illegitimate, born to unmarried women most of which have no interest in the man who got them pregnant.

Many of these women have children by more than one non-supporting man and consider them not to be marriageable material.

There is pseudo outrage when anyone speaks out against this family damaging conduct.

The new product of the sixties was a new morality where one out of three girls became pregnant at least once before reaching age 20, most of which was outside of wedlock. About 75% of blacks, 53% of Latinos and 30% of whites have bastard children, and they suffer all that results from this beginning.

The Vietnam war was a rallying cry of those who espoused drugs and sexual freedom along equality for women, but that was just a cover for the unregenerate heart of these people.

Today we see the result of ever expanding degeneracy where same sex relationships are ever increasing.  It isn’t obvious to those who have been taken captive by the ploys of Satan the degree of offence it is to GOD and they aren’t sure HE exists any way due to the teachings they have received.

Sad to say this attitude of acceptance and tolerance of sinful lifestyles has invaded the organized church and the membership is divided on some subjects.

Elijah felt alone when Israel went after other gods but GOD told him that there was a remnant that stayed true to HIM. 

In this conglomerate Christianity of today, there are those who have stayed true to our Christian beliefs and will continue to stay on track regardless of decisions others make.

It would seem to be condescending to say we feel sorry for those who have chosen not to serve Christ.  Nevertheless after experiencing redemption one cannot but hope their eyes will be opened to the reality of what it means to be a true born again Christian.


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