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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Studying Hard
I was finishing Jr. College and preparing to move up to State College when a better job came my way.

Being a science major, the chemical company hired me to do some of the menial tasks freeing up their chemists to concentrate on weightier matters.  The job paid me twice what the burger place did and I needed the money.

My folks had saved some money for my college but a couple of emergencies had depleted most of those funds.  It was work I could do on the weekends and after my classes. Once again I didn't have much play time, but on occasion I could get free.  Even after two years I still grieved over losing Lori. In reality I couldn't lose something I never had and that made it more difficult to accept.

One thing my relationship with Lori did was to cause girls to look at me differently.   They now concluded there must be something about me that wasn't apparent before, and I was careful not to ruin that illusion.  

From time to time I would be asked to go out for a dinner and a dance. This seemed strange because the girls insisted on paying. Sometimes there would be a local dance contest and I would get several offers to partner up with one of them.  Sometimes we would win and other times not, depending on the judges bias. In any case it was fun and something to do to break up the routine I was forced to keep.

In the first year at State college I became attracted to a really nice and intelligent young woman named Kaylee.  I had noticed her at the church I attended on occasion.  Eventually I managed to engage her in a conversation and pursued her as much as possible without being too obvious.  During the rest of this year we did many things together and we became what you might call a couple.

The one thing I never did was to compare her to Lori because it really couldn't be done. Times were different; I was different and my memories were not to be depended on. Memories have a way of embellishing or to pale a past experience.

Time passed, I received my B.A. Degree and then I had to make several decisions although they were all connected.  The chemical company made me an offer for full employment at an excellent salary.

The conflict was that I had applied for a scholarship and got it so I could attend the university and work toward a master's degree in chemistry.   Decisions needed to be made.

By now I was completely in love with Kaylee and was ready for the next step which for us which was marriage. She was perfect for me and I didn't want to lose her.  

After talking it over we decided we would get married but put it off for one year. She wanted to get her masters degree and felt it would be best to do it now. I would continue working at my part time job and go to the university. This seemed like the most logical solution but emotionally it was difficult to do.

One day, I received a bit of news that for some reason hurt me; Lori had got married into some rich family. I guess there was some remnant left from the past.   

To be Continued


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