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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Wedding Doves
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Everything now revolved around Kaylee and me, and our plans were in place for our future together.  

We were both working on our master's degree and were employed part time.
Finally I was able to get reliable transportation and that was a time saver.  As graduation approached we made final plans for our marriage. It would be a church wedding albeit not too elaborate. She bought a white wedding dress which in her case meant something.

We both received our master's without much fanfare and the wedding day had finally arrived. All I can remember clearly about the wedding was Kaylee coming down the aisle and taking my hand. Then after a few words that stated what was in our hearts we were married and our life as one began.

At last I had a little free time even though I was working, and I read about new theories, facts and fiction relating to chemistry, little things like furnishing our house and planting flowers became important. 

In the forefront was that we made time for each other.  We were committed to one another before marriage, but now there were new dimensions to enjoy which took up much of our time.

The long struggle to prepare for life was behind me, and currently I was advancing in my job; my marriage was steadfast and after four years of martial bliss I became a father.

I was stunned to say the least. I had nine months to prepare for this event but the reality was much more than I had hoped for.  “It's a girl,” I was told and she was as pretty as her mom or at least I thought so.

Then two years later Kaylee repeated a similar event and they told me. "It's a girl."  I thought to myself, “This is like a rerun.”  The baby was doing well although Kaylee had some problems and they kept her in the hospital a few more days.

Finally I was glad to have mother and daughter home and a sister-in-law willing to help out. Kaylee’s sister had taken our first child out to her husband’s ranch and since she had a daughter the same age as mine our child wasn't lonely.

After some weeks Kaylee was up and around and working on motherhood. Having two children made things more interesting is one way to put it. Another way is that it more than doubles the necessary work.  Two kids crying at once is one example.  
Our life was good, the kids were growing but Kaylee seemed to be somewhat frail and easily tired.

The doctor just said; "Get more rest" but that wasn't easily accomplished.  Kaylee remained about the same for the next few years and we were happy and enjoyed each others company.  

Lori was a distant memory and I never thought of her unless I overheard some friend mention her during a casual conversation.  
It seems that some of her mother's old circle of friends kept in contact and passed on news from time to time.    
To be Continued


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