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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

DARRELL'S WOES Chapter Eight

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The day of the Prom had arrived and there was much excitement about this event.  My mom gave me a ride to all of the stops I had to make. Get my suit and shoes, get the corsage, pick up our tickets and many other things to check on. There wasn't school for the seniors today so everyone had time to get ready for tonight.

Getting dressed was a little difficult for I had to figure out what everything was and where it went.  
Both mom and dad checked me out for I felt unsure as to how I looked. The last thing to do was to check the toes of my shoes for any marks and comb my hair.

I was as ready as I was going to be and besides my car and driver had arrived.  It only took a couple of minutes to get to Loretta's house and I found myself at her door looking for the door bell when her mother opened the door and looked me up and down. I had never met her or the father so she was curious about who was taking her daughter out.
Lori as she likes to be called, quickly stepped out for she knew what would happen next if her mom got started and away we went. She came out so fast that I never got a good look at her but now in the car I hardly recognized her. The braces were gone, she had contacts instead of glasses, her hair had been restyled and she wore an off the shoulder gown. The only thing I recognized was her voice for she was gorgeous and then that old feeling of inferiority came back and I wondered what she was doing with me.

Upon arriving, I jumped out and open her door before the driver had a chance to do so. Then I told him to be back about 11:30 to pick us up.
When we went in several of the boys without dates began checking her out and even the ones with dates were looking also.  Soon there was a gang of guys surrounding her asking for a dance while acting as if I wasn't there. She very graciously told them that all of her dances were spoken for which made me wonder if I was on her list.  When I asked her she said that they were all mine and I began to breathe normal again. This evening was the highlight of my life so far and we danced almost all of the dances except when we enjoyed the buffet.

The time came when it was the last dance and the band leader said; this last dance is for sweethearts only, those with dates only please exit the floor. We weren't exactly sweethearts. Just good friends but I didn't move and neither did she. We just stood looking at each other waiting for the music to start. It was a slow dance "Good night sweetheart" we just leaned on one another and moved side to side even after the music was over and people began to laugh at us.  

Normally people laughing would bother me but such was not the case. I gave her my arm and our driver was waiting for us. We arrived at her house and I told the driver to go on for I was going to walk home.
When we got to the door we stood for a minute staring and I decided to kiss her. It was a little better than a mom kiss but wasn't very good, then she grabbed me and really kissed me the way it should have been.  As she stepped back the porch light turned on and her father stood tall in the door way and said "Say goodnight Loretta" which she did and disappeared AND SO DID I.

I rehearsed the whole evening while walking home with those shoes hurting my feet.  I had never enjoyed myself as much and even if it cost me about $200.00 it was money well spent. Over the weekend I thought about Monday and how to act after what happened on prom night. I decided I would just wait and see how it played out.   

To be Continued

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