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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Uncle Dan Chapter 3

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The last segment covered in brief the war time era and a mistake Uncle made; the resolution of which was a new start with his wife.

Auntie was a strong principled woman tempered with practicality. She forgave Uncle and resumed married life without penalty. She certainly didn't forget what happened but buried it so it was never mentioned again.

Any significant wound will leave a scar and can be re-injured by hitting it again so it is necessary to protect it with some form of insulation. This is what she did about his mistake with the understanding there would be no reoccurrence.
Both Uncle and Auntie worked in the shipyards and because of the difficulty of finding a sitter for their boy she worked days and he worked nights but there was a period where neither was there due to the traveling to work and back. One was going to work and the other coming home. 

Someone volunteered me for the job of staying with the boy for about an hour and a half till Auntie came home. I wasn't very fond of this arrangement because I didn't get to bed until midnight. Somewhere during that time, another Aunt came to California and I was relieved of my duties and was glad of it for I was around eleven years old and didn't like the responsibility.

While things were rationed and not much was manufactured that wasn't directly associated with the war effort, everyone I knew spent every thing they made.  Houses were cheap due to the price freeze but nobody bought one (that is anyone I knew.)   It seemed they preferred to rent.

People had a little money in their pocket but nothing in the bank. With all the prosperity they spent it all. The famous statement was made "What good is money if you can't buy nothing."  Yet they were creative enough get rid of all they earned.
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Then the day of doom came! The announcement came, "The War Is Over".

While the people cheered they found themselves unemployed the next day.

Work stopped on everything. Ships were left half built and had to be dismantled. A few favored ones were kept on to see to the process of changing over from wartime to peace time production.
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Thousands went to the union hiring halls only to be told there were no jobs. It wasn't as bad as the 1929 crash but it was a scary time. People used to making big money were now existing on unemployment checks.

Over the next months, millions of the military personal came home looking to receive their jobs back for they had been guaranteed that they could resume their life upon their return. This meant many who now held positions were fired so the military could have their jobs again.

It was reminiscent of the present day circumstances but without the bailouts.

I will continue next with Chapter 4 - -  Uncle tries to find work.”
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