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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, September 22, 2012


Dancing courtesy google search
When last we spoke I had just finish dancing with a new girl at school who from a distance seemed to have no style at all.

Out of mercy I invited her out on the floor without looking at her directly. I just reached out to her, and she took my hand. At the end of the dance I decided to take a good look at her for I reasoned, “How bad can she be?”

When she raised her face up I realized that she actually had some potential. As I thought on her it just came to me that she was very firm and underneath those baggy clothes she was very shapely. I hadn't thought about this while dancing but now things came into focus.

“Maybe she wasn't as bad as I thought.” I concluded.  We danced to several different rhythms and kinds of dances for she knew them all. In fact we danced until the music stopped and they started to turn the lights out.

I asked her if I could walk her home and she said no, someone was picking her up. I asked her who it was, and she said my dad, as a big car pulled up and she got in and away they went. I looked for her at school the next day but never found her since our school was quite large. Toward the end of the week I saw her again and notice she looked a little different and then I realized it was her clothes, she didn't have the baggy dress on. Her hair was the same and she still wore those black horn rimmed glasses and something I hadn't notice was she had braces but overall she looked different.  Her clothes were form fitting and I could see why she felt so firm as we danced.

Then it was my turn to feel inferior to her.  After I got over those inadequate feelings I asked if we could do something together sometime and she said, “Maybe so.”  For me that was a big step up and I tried to think of something that would be fun.  
A couple of days later I asked her to go to the movies, and she said okay.  In the excitement I had forgotten something very important, and that was we would have to ride the bus. Most of the guys my age either had a car or could borrow one. After explaining my predicament she suggested that she meet me at the movie and she would have a ride home. We saw each other often after that mostly doing things like walking or studying in the library but at least we saw a lot of each other.

The senior prom was coming up shortly and I wanted to ask her to go with me. Usually I had no interest in these things but I strongly wanted to go to this one. I started to ask her several times but got cold feet and didn't.  
Prom night was getting closer so I finally got enough nerve to ask her if she would go with me and waited for an answer. Finally after some time she said; “I thought you would never ask.” Then she said okay, she had several other offers but waited to see if I would ask.
I had much to do. Rent a suit, arrange for a car and driver, prom tickets, corsage and get a haircut among other things. I never noticed but she had let her hair grow out some and her bangs were now pulled to each side.  

 To be Continued

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