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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Growing Up
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I must say I now had a full life, going to school, working at least four hours each day and all day on Saturday, going to church on Sunday for an hour and then trying to catch up with my studies Sunday afternoon.

My social life consisted of ignoring my classmate’s slurs and saying hi to them when they came in for a burger.  I had heard of unseemly things being done to food to get even with people and I was always tempted to fix them a "special" burger but of course I never did.

School was pretty easy for me and with a little extra study I always got top grades which made me even more unpopular with kids who had to struggle to get passing grades, especially the richer kids. They felt so much more superior to me, and this was hard for them.  I took pains to not rub it in and make things any worse.
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Another thing that made my life difficult was in a word, "growing up.”

Mentally and physically things were progressing at a normal pace although those adjustments were hard to accept for all the changes that were occurring seemed strange.  Perhaps it was more so for the girls though the boys had to deal with their own changes, and they were affected by the obvious changes in the girls also.

So many feelings came alive that I never knew existed and further didn't know what to do about them.

I don't talk about GOD very much but I came to the conclusion that when He made man he hid certain attributes within man that would manifest themselves in time and would keep man from getting bored with his life.

Boy reading Magazine?
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Recently I have noticed some of the guys in the school library reading books on human anatomy. I never realized they were such good students.

Also there have been a number of magazines being passed around. The teachers have collected a good many of them, of course they wouldn't peruse them beyond just checking them for content.

It was almost miraculous the way former disdain between the two sexes had now changed into open flirting.

Perhaps it was because my life was so full of things to do I wasn't affected as much as those with little responsibility, but I had feelings I had never known before and was at a loss as how to express them.

I began to be a little more social with girls although I didn't understand them.  I couldn't grasp why they spent so much time doing what seemed to me to be Tee-Hee-ing they were always talking quietly talking among themselves and then would burst into laughing while looking at some boys.

This was a mystery to me for the boys just talked out loud and said what they thought about certain girls. I determined to try to find out more about why there was this difference between the sexes.  
To be Continued.
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