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Saturday, September 8, 2012

UNCLE DAN Chapter 6 Chicken Winner

Fighting Rooster

Things were going along somewhat better, we boys were now doing what we didn't always care for very much, but you did what you had to do.

We were busy milking cows, cooking potatoes for the hogs and feeding them but at times we could go horse back riding or hunting.  We were on a thousand acre ranch with thousands of acreage adjoining so there was room to stretch your legs.

Boredom was the thing you tried to fight off for we were miles from town and except for a few animal noises it was almost silent.

Uncle found a new diversion for himself which was raising some fighting roosters. He had met some other guys that did that and they got him interested. After awhile we had several game roosters that had to be separated from each other otherwise they would fight till one was dead.

Uncle had one or two he thought had some ability, and the time came to see what they could do.  He had been traveling to matches with his new friends and had got to know several new people.

At one of the matches the police raided them and they all took off running and hiding in the woods. The police didn't chase them because their cars were parked at the barn and they just waited for them to come back. The police took their license numbers and had conversations with the guys there and then let them go except for the sponsors which they took to jail. Another thing they did was to take all the roosters and kill them for they didn't have the facilities to board them till they died.

Uncle Dan went to Nevada to a big fight and took his favorite rooster. One of his friends rented a large van because he had a lot of roosters in large cages. He wanted his roosters to be comfortable so he put a swing, something like a trapeze in each cage. The roosters would get on that swing and try to crow. By the time they got to the match site and opened the van his roosters were so sore from trying to stay on the swings they couldn't hardly walk much less fight.

Sorry to say Uncle's favorite rooster lasted about ten seconds before he was done. Uncle brought him home in bad shape and only one eye. Finally his punctures healed but he didn't have good sense and just wandered around without the desire to fight.

I saw one fight because it was held at our ranch. Uncle had got talked into letting it occur there but he was very nervous about it for he could have gone to jail and lost his job also. I didn't like what I saw, chickens being bet on and half of them were killed. One last thing before I left was some of the Mexicans (they were great fans of chicken fights) wanted the heel them with long blades and finally they prevailed and the fight was on. The roosters went up in the air and one came down dead.

I left after that for I didn't like the crowd. I have killed several animals for food but doing it for pleasure wasn't my thing.    
To be continued - - -

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