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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Teen age Boy
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My name is Darrell, and I admit that it is a name which I hate.  

My parents tried to tell me that when I get older I will appreciate it and my name will serve me well in business.  In my secret thoughts I wish I had been named something more gritty like Zeke or Gus or even Mike,

The guys make fun of me, and worse I hate it when the girls mockingly say Darrr-rellll and repeat it over and over causing me to turn red and embarrassed and run away.

My life would have had to be much improved on to even be considered dull. I won't relate anything else about my life up to this point except this;

Let me tell you about when I was in the eighth grade some of the kids who were my age began to develop black mustaches and chin whiskers and I was left waiting for some peach fuzz to show up.

Of course I could embellish my early life but it would be so far from the truth even I couldn't recognize it. That would make it seem to be a positive experience but this is the story about a teenager’s trials; trying to survive until graduation from mandatory schooling. I'll start at the age of fifteen for the early teen years were too terrible to think on much less relate.

Let me first say I live in a world of my own. Though I live in the same house as my parents, their world is totally different from mine. Theirs is a world where they can plan and do things.  In my world I simply react to the lesser of the evils set before me.  My life consists of food, clothing and a few (very few) amenities. My expected minimum requirements are, passing grades and stay out of trouble.  I pretty much meet these expectations although in order to get a B grade,  I have to torture myself unmercifully.

I'm not smart enough to be called a nerd, but I am not considered to be a dork either, in fact I don't fit into any category. You might call me detached or a nonchalant person for people are usually indifferent to me.

Now as to friends; believe it or not I have two friends I have known since grade school. I did have several more but they have seemed to outgrow me and we no longer hang out. In fact they avoid talking to me lest their friends see them and they would lose face is one way to put it.  So the three of us hang together and that is enough. I can play sandlot baseball and sports at that level but I can't measure up to the guys who represent the school. I hate gym class for there they make up teams to play against each other and I am always the next to the last guy chosen.  I won't describe the last guy for he is pretty awful.

Now as to girls, I suppose the subject had to come up. Let me start by saying if I didn't know better I would believe girls were aliens because they are so different from boys. They don't seem to belong here on earth but putting that aside I have been forced to accept them.   

Today I was informed instead of Gym class I was to report to the auditorium for further instructions. Outside the Gym were a lot of guys waiting to be let in.

When the doors swung open there were many girls in there. I was in a state of shock and didn't know what to expect.   
To Be Continued


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