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Sunday, September 16, 2012

DARRELL'S WOES chapter Two

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Now let me see; I believe I left off where I was ordered to go to the Gym and there I would be told what to do.  As I explained that there a crowd of boys waiting to be let in to the gym and when the doors opened we could see inside were many girls already there.  Several girls I had seen before but most were strangers. We could have been about the same age but some of the girls were obviously more advanced in some areas.

“Boys to the right, girls to the left,” was the command over the loud speaker and I thought to myself, “Maybe the girls have challenged the boys to some type of contest.”  I began to sweat because of my nervousness and uncertainty of the situation.  I could just see some girl besting me in some sort of competition.  I stiffened up and thought you just let them try it.  I'll fight to the death.

While my mind was calculating all the “what ifs,” a heavy female voice began to explain what was going on. Since in the near future there was to be a junior prom and the girls complained that many of the boys didn't know how to dance or if they did they couldn't dance very well, the girls had requested that something be done about it. 

So there was a conference concerning providing dance instructions and as it turned out the men gym teachers capitulated, and the girls teachers prevailed in this matter.  

Anyway that was why I was standing on the right side almost having a panic attack for I had been lined up like this before in the gym when sides were chosen.

Then that voice that had barked out the previous instructions began to speak again (I learned to hate that voice with her first few syllables) as she explained that we were going to start by learning the two step whatever that was.  I knew what was coming next.  Dread began to set in.  I couldn't swallow and as I suspected, the voice said words that caused my knees to buckle and I had to hold on to a rail behind me to keep from falling.

Girls, cross over and select a gentleman to dance with. Just as sure as I stood there I knew what was going to happen next. It looked like an army of females marching with weapons of mass destruction at their disposal advancing toward us boys.

I was amazed at how easy the boys gave in with little or no resistance. One by one they moved to the center of the floor waiting for the music and the command to follow the steps the instructor was teaching.

The boys were thinning out rather quickly; there were more girls than there were boys. The girls continued to walk up and down looking at the few boys that were left and that dreaded voice spoke again saying; quickly, quickly we are wasting time, some of you girls may have to dance with each other if there aren't enough boys. It got down to three of us boys left and the girls were already pairing off when the two other boys were taken leaving just me standing alone! At least in gym class there was one guy who was less desirable than me but I guess today, someone had to be last and it was me.

As I look across the room there was one very tall girl left on the other side and she was walking toward me. It seemed like it took her an hour to walk across the Gym toward me. As she got closer she got taller, I'm not short for my age but she stood a head taller than me. She didn't speak; she just took my hand and jerked me out on to the dance floor.

I longingly looked at the door but I was in her grasp and couldn't get free. We watched the instructor till the "start dancing command was given." 

The next hour was spent with kids bumping in to each other, some getting knocked down, but at the end of the hour many were doing pretty good. 

Now as for me; I must explain that this tall, strong gal led me all over that floor and finally I began to do something that resembled dancing. As long as she led and I followed we did okay. After that ordeal I considered taking some lessons at a studio or somewhere just in case I got trapped in that situation again.

I found out later some of the smart Alecks had set me up, and had got this gal from another school that was a basketball star to be my partner. I spent many hours trying to think of ways to get even but never did.

I finally got over it somewhat but it was hard to live with since the whole school was laughing at me.

To be Continued - - -

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