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Monday, September 24, 2012


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The next week was busy with a couple of tests to complete although all of our grades were registered by now, and graduation was just around the corner. 

Lori's parents kept her so occupied that I didn't get to talk to her very much.  We saw each other just as we walked from one class to another and the prom was never brought up.

Then it was graduation day, getting our gowns, practicing walking in while Pomp and Circumstance was playing and I was glad when it was over.

We had talked about which college would be nice to attend but she never told me where she was going.  I kinda assumed she would go to the local junior college and then transfer to State but I forgot that her parents were quite affluent and could afford any school of higher learning.

After practice she came over to me and said she wanted to tell me something she had been putting off.  Her parents had put in an application to a major university for women and she had been accepted. It was near Boston and she would only be home for some of the holidays.

I wasn't expecting this and didn't act too happy.  She said it wasn't her doing but there wasn't anything she could do about it. I told her that I understood and hoped it went well for her.   Her family went on a month's vacation and when she got back they were planning the next year’s activities which didn't include me. The day she was leaving she called me and wanted to say goodbye so we met for a short time.

I must say I was overcome by my emotions and wasn't on my best behavior. This probably caused her to cut short our meeting. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and then was gone.  Later I felt so bad about my conduct that I almost cried. I called her up to apologize but she had already left and that empty feeling stayed with me for months.

Jr. College started for me, and because of the heavy load, and I was still flipping hamburgers there was little time to think about anything else.

I heard Lori was coming home for thanksgiving and hoped to see her then. I called her when she got home and asked to meet her for lunch and she said okay. We talked about our school days and people we knew.  As our visit went on I could see that a great change had taken place in her and she had a level of sophistication that was never there before.  
Without realizing it she was talking down to me and I was taken aback by it.

After lunch we said goodbye and wished each other well.  She said she would be tied up at Christmas and probably wouldn't be able to see me. I thought it was just as well for I didn't need another treatment like I had just experienced.

Her parents put their house up for sale and moved close to where Lori was attending school so they could socialize with other parents and participate in the school activities that included parents. I never admitted it, but I think I was in love with her and I missed the old Loretta.   
To be Continued - -
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