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Monday, August 13, 2012


Our dogs today all grown up!
Luke on rug loves his toys - Smokey next to him
Buck in the back enjoying a cool kitchen on a hot day!

A few years back I found myself running low on dogs. As my pack grew older one by one they left this world and I found myself feeling empty.  I watched the pets for sale ads and what sounded like a remedy for my problem appeared and gladdened my heart considerable.

My wife (Hazel) and I drove over about fifty miles and finally found the place where the dogs were. As I looked around I saw wall to wall canines.   The lady came out and after getting acquainted she took out an empty plastic milk bottle that had the top cut off and filled it with adult dog food.  She made a noise by shaking the bottle and puppies came running from everywhere.   She threw a handful of the dog food down on the driveway.

These were six week old blue tick hound puppies that were scrambling for some food. Each piece of that dog food was a mouthful for those pups and they had a time crushing it with their baby teeth. We selected one of the pups and headed home. Hazel wrapped it in a towel and held it on her lap until we got home.

I still felt we needed at least one more dog for we were running short of them. There was an ad for some Labrador retrievers. They were selling them for five hundred dollars but had dropped the price to two fifty. This was only a few miles from home and so we headed there, and I picked out one and offered one hundred and fifty which they took.

Once again Hazel wrapped the pup in a towel and held it on her lap till we arrived home. It took about ten minutes for our two pups to bond and they have been friends ever since.

The one thing about these dogs is the difference in their eating habits. Smokey my blue tick comes to his bowl and eats everything without stopping. Bucky, the Lab is finicky and has to be coaxed to eat.

It reminded me of some Christians! When the word is preached some will eat from hunger while others will just mess around with their food. The preacher has to spoon feed these dear ones else they will go without spiritual sustenance. Then there are those who fast "The Word" and they can go without it for long periods. It reminds me of the song; "Get the dust off the bible."

Then we have added another Black Lab dog Luke that gets all nervous and has to be encouraged to eat.  

I have known Christians who have got nervous when the gospel was preached for they feared GOD was going to require something of them and they try to tune it out. The fact is that the tenth chapter of First Corinthians does that very thing;

1 Corinthians 10:11 The things that happened to those people are examples.
They were written to be warnings for us. We live in the time that all those past histories were pointing to. 

The Bible is all encompassing; it covers everything we need to live a life that is pleasing to GOD. We need to be able to say with Job; Job 23:11-12 I have always lived the way God wants. I have never stopped following him.

I always obey his commands. I love the words from his mouth more than I love my food.

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