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Saturday, August 18, 2012


Horse Trader - courtesy

In the south where I was partly raised there were some people it was best to beware of.

I lived among some black people, most of which were kind and good friends of mine.  However there is always an exception, because there were some who were downright mean.

As a kid I would talk to all of them and there was one question that I would get around to and that was "How did you get that scar?" and usually they would answer "I got cut with a straight razor."  From that I concluded that most black men carried a razor and it was the weapon of choice in a fight.

Like I said I was a small boy and these men were big and tall and they seemed like giants to me. I wasn't afraid to be around most of them but a few I avoided for they were unpredictable.  

Many of the white people were similar except instead of a straight edge they would carry a large knife or a gun.  And again most were peaceful people and never got into trouble.

The reason I said what I said was because these people were upfront with their meanness but the most feared persons lurking in the shadows were the horse traders.  

Now they were to be feared because if they could engage you in a conversation they would soon talk you out of your goods. It was like they had an unseen power over men. Like the Sirens in The Odyssey they could lead everyone to destruction and the only defense was to stop up your ears and sail away from them.

On the first Monday of each month during the spring and summer they would be out in full force making their home base in the jockey yard. Anyone who ventured into it seldom came out unscathed for they would end up with something they didn't want, or need and that wasn't any good.

My grandpa took a good work horse to town to sell and when the horse traders got through with him he came home with a pocket knife of course he was one of the lucky ones.

At the entrance to the jockey yard was the main attraction! There was a black woman who filled a large bucket with fire and in a large skillet she fried catfish. The catfish was coated with a cornmeal mixture and fried in a sea of lard. She sold it as fast as she could cook it.

The nearest thing to a horse trader in the spiritual world is Satan himself and the only way to avoid ship wreck is to close your ears and sail away from the temptation.

The trumpet sounds, Temptation appears
This should be your greatest fear
Your greatest strength is your ability to run (away)
And hope to see a better day !
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