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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Poor Me - courtesy google search

The largest club in the world AKA; the “Oh Poor Me,” club.

This club has an open enrollment but comes with great cost. To remain as a member you must be willing to suffer pain both real and imaginary. Your attitude must garner as much negativity as possible, be filled to capacity and a little more so it spills over onto others.

Your constant thought and attitude is; “For some reason I feel life has done me wrong, I'm sure I'm not getting mine.  Could it be I have got someone else's luck?  Surly I deserve better than this?”  The questioning continues.

"Life has done me wrong. My ex has done me wrong. My brother has done me wrong. My boss fired me without cause. It's not my fault. "Please feel sorry for me!"  I could but!

There may be an element of truth in your negative attitudes but most are in seed form that has been nourished, cultivated and blown out of proportion when weighed properly.

Boy crying - Help Me!
From a young age we have been compared to and graded by certain standards and what was meant to show that we have more potential than we manifest has become a tyrant that rules our lives. We are taught to measure ourselves against ideals most of which are unrealistic. Few products advertise themselves with uncomely people but use people who are presented in a controlled circumstance.

Trying to accept ourselves is the major task of life. Until we do - - it is hard to build a better you, one that has the proverbial, "Satisfied Mind."

When life is viewed in eternity’s scope it is very short, but today is the time where we show that we really are not what others say we are. Whether it is physical or mental deficiencies we have to deal with - - we are the deciding factor as to how they affect the whole of our life.

There is a standard we should measure ourselves by and that is our relationship with GOD ALMIGHTY.  Here there is no “Poor me-s” accepted for everything is provided to be beautiful. He starts on the inside and does the work and then allows you to manifest that outside for the world to see. If the beauty of his workmanship isn't being manifested then you have something to be concerned about.

You are getting in the way and need to make certain adjustments. All of your excuses stop here, you have everything you need, and it is found in CHRIST. We find comfort in our excuses and it is hard to leave that "excuse comfort zone" but is most needful to do so.

Don't tell the Lord how big the problem is; tell the problem how Great the Lord is!

The song "Something beautiful" says it very well;

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