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Monday, August 6, 2012


Big Farm Boy
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At a little country school in Tennessee where I attended for awhile, we had to line up outside and march in single file when the weather was fit.  

One day we were waiting and the boy in front of me was stabbed in the knee by the boy in front of him. The blade was only about an inch and a half long but it went in all the way.

The boy that was stabbed was a large work harden farm boy and could have did great damage to the boy who stabbed him but he just laughed it off.   I was shocked by what happened and was more shocked by him almost ignoring it.

The teacher dressed it when we got inside; and later the boy that did the deed with the knife was missing from school for quite awhile for some reason.

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As we entered the school room and prepared to begin our day, we all recited the "Pledge Of Allegiance" to the flag.  We did this everyday and it was there I learned to appreciate America.

In those days we had respect and love for this country. Today things are quite different and only those who are older would know the difference.

Today the flag is treated by many with disrespect and with scorn. This symbol of all what this country stands for has been denigrated to the point of being defamed. To the men who have followed it into battle and paid a heavy price for doing so it means so much more.

There is another pledge I haven't heard for a long time which is the pledge to the Christian flag and it goes like this;

Christian Flog
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"I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag
And to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands.
One brotherhood, uniting all mankind,
In service and love."

One brotherhood in Christ, for all who are born again are in the family of GOD. Though we may disagree on some points of doctrine our commonality is our faith in the only savior Jesus Christ.

We are one in Him, our family and because of it we are free to love one another.

We are One in The Spirit, We are One in The Lord.
And they'll know we are Christians by our love, By our Love,
Yes they'll know we are Christians by our love!

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