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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


My first experience with politics was when I was about five years old.

The older folks were talking about tomorrow was Election Day, and whether or not to vote. The debate revolved around whether to work or to travel to the voting place and cast a vote.

If they went to vote they would lose a days pay which was a dollar. On the other hand the local incumbent politician would give everyone a dollar if they voted for him.

(He could afford to do this because once reelected he would be in the position to steal from the tax payers more than he spent getting reelected).

This discussion went on, the pros and cons were discussed over and again. In the end they decided to go and vote and get their dollar.

As usual I went with them, I should explain that, I went everywhere the men folks went that is me and the dogs for they always went also.

When we arrived there was a crowd gathered and there was much discussion about whether voters should sell their vote for the dollar.

Some who were better off said it wasn't an ethical thing to do while others reasoned that they were losing a dollar by coming to vote and it was only right that they get paid the dollar for their vote.

It was there that I learned the basics of the political system and it helped me understand what politics was all about.

Today the system hasn't changed at all, it is little more sophisticated and the rhetoric has been updated but they are still buying votes with the tax payers money.

Ahh sweet November when the politicians get the gold mine and the tax payers get the shaft.

Reminds one of Jerry Reed's song;

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