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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Prayer Warrior
One of my granddaughters was teasing me because someone told her that I only had one girlfriend. She said you surely didn't get around very much.

I explained that I married the one I wanted and it was important to her that I did for if I had married another my granddaughters wouldn't be here. After a few "yes buts" she saw the logic of what I said and I haven't been teased about that since.

The essential role of grandparents is to standby and be ready to help when needed. Theirs is not to raise the children but rather to be as a strong tower that doesn't waver in time of stress. The grandchildren need to perceive that there is an inner strength due to their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Grandfatherly advice should be dispensed sparingly and primarily only when asked for. Theirs is to be a behind the scene interaction, much of it in the realm of the Spirit. This is a little hard to say but at times parents make mistakes as they raise their children and it takes the wisdom of Solomon to aide them without interfering.

The greatest tool the grandparents have is what is called "Intercessory Prayer" it is a powerful weapon that allows one to affect the lives of their grandchildren behind the scenes. It places demands on the grandparents for they have to have an intimate relation with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of GOD will quicken them when danger approaches so they can pray for the child. Do not take this responsibility lightly for these children would not be here if it wasn't for you.

The Holy Spirit will quicken them to pray in time of need if they are open to Him. Untold problems have been avoided in grand kids lives because the grandparents were open to the Holy Spirit.

The words of a song that never saw the light of day went something like this;

"Lord won't you bless this child, I'm lifting him up to you today
Look down upon him , see his face, oh Lord bless this child
Oh, Lord won't You bless this child, help to grow up without any guile
And with Your hand upon him, he will have reason to smile
As a young man draw him nearer and as he learns of You things will become clearer, 
I'm afraid he is so much like me when I want him to be like You!
Lord won't you bless this child, transform his thinking, renew his mind
Then one day help him find, Your perfect will for his life"

 When I felt constrained to pray for one of my grandchildren the words of this song came to mind and became part of what I prayed.

I found this interesting concerning praying for children;

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