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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012



While there are other feelings we may have - - this is a pretty good representation of our emotions.

As Christians we are admonished to eliminate or limit three of them and accentuate the other three.

An example of how we could go through the whole cycle would be;

I met this girl and got all excited and then I felt this loving feeling of tenderness toward her, I was so happy. Then along came this football player and she encouraged his advances which made me very sad! Then I got furious and angry. He picked up on my attitude and told me to back off and I became scared.

Animals show many of the same emotions that people do. Cats are a good example of that for they show their emotions in discernable ways. Their purring, rubbing on you, running the other way when you call them and don't forget their romantic howling.

Proper control of our emotions is a determining factor in how people judge us as Christians. If our emotions get out of control damage can occur that can never be repaired.

Each of the six emotions have their place in our life the key is to accent the positive aspects of each and eliminate the negative.

 Check out Wikipedia on emotions;

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