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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, August 27, 2012


New Mom and Babe

The moment of truth had arrived. He felt he was in a world apart and alone behind the mask he had on.

As they rushed the gurney in along side the birthing table they assisted the patient in moving off the gurney onto the table. The doctor helped her get positioned and her feet into the stirrups. He adjusted them so she could push against them when she would bear down. Writer, moved over so his vision wasn't impaired as the doctor raised her gown revealing her distended stomach and fully exposed body. 

The doctor said “Everything looks good, you are fully dilated, your cervix is nigh unto 10 centimeters.” 

Writer didn't understand what that meant and was completely lost for he was a journalist grad not a med student. As he viewed the scene before him he had the feeling of guilt sweep over him. He felt he had no business is viewing what was going on. He wanted to leave but was paralyzed and just stared straight ahead.

During the next half hour he was transfixed, seeing but detached from what he saw.  He could only remember segments of what happened such as the doctor’s voice saying; just work with your body and with each contraction,


Then it was. “I see the head! Just a couple of more times now. Take a breath and Push.”  It was only a few minutes but it seemed like hours. The groans were like thunder in his ears, and then the doctor held up a new born child and said; "It’s a boy!"

The nurses took the child and quickly sucked the mucus from his mouth with a syringe and moments later he took his first breath and let out a scream which must have meant I'm alive and well. The doctor tied off the cord and cut it, freeing the child from his mother's support system. After he was cleaned up he was given to the mother who held him for the first time.

The writer came to his senses and got out his brownie camera and took the mother and son picture for the paper. Then he grabbed his clothes and left.

It was some time before he calmed down enough to think rationally. Little by little he settled down and then began to laugh out loud as he thought about all he had just gone through. All he could think of was, "I must get this down on paper"

Writer thanked everyone and as he left they all, even the head nurse was laughing at him and his pretense of being an experienced reporter.   

To be continued at: Musings by Robert.   Go there and scroll down to view the beginning stories.
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