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Thursday, April 11, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 8

The Two Sisters had Married and were Fat
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Noonan continued his Indian story, “Unless I took my clothes off, I pretty much looked like an Indian.  I was tan and had black hair but still I was white where the sun didn't shine on me.

There were a couple of Indian girls who were sisters and they took a liken to me and I was fond of them both. I decided to marry them even though I was only fourteen years old.

There were a few other young bucks that had them in mind to marry and this caused a problem in the camp.

Every argument you could think of was being made but most of it centered about me being white. The children would be half breeds, and therefore wouldn't be true Iroquois Indians.  
The disagreement became so heated that finally the Mounties were called in by the nearby settlers.

The Mounties decided that I would need to leave otherwise I would be killed for there were many young bucks now ready to go on the war path with me in mind.

Since I couldn't fight both the Indians and the Mounties I left with them.

I had planned to take the sisters and leave the tribe but because of the complications of leaving their family it just wasn't going to work out.”

I asked Noonan, “You were only fourteen and were going to marry two girls?”

He said, “You have to understand that Indians have different rules than the white man and it was alright to do that. Besides I was ready to add another dimension to my life besides hunting and fishing.

We boys used to stand outside the tents at night and listen to the goings on inside the tents and it whet our appetite to join in the fun. Well, enough said about that.

The Mounties took me to an orphanage and there I learned to read and write and turn back into a white man.”

We wanted to know about the sisters and if he ever saw them again.

He told us, that he had gone back with the Mounties to the village some five years later, and he was surprised to see that each of the sisters were really fat, and they each had four youngens.

The sisters didn't recognize him for which he was thankful. He felt as if he had escaped from prison, and was glad he had been taken from the camp years before.

He said, “You know; I wasn't as much of an Indian as I thought I was.”

Marly and I had many more questions but he said, “I'm getting paid for cooking not telling you stories.”

Well I thought a lot about that story. He was going to get married at fourteen and that was just a few years older than I am now.

That was scary and I tried to put that out of my mind every time it came up. I was almost convinced that I never wanted to marry especially none of the girls I have met.

New Bike
It was just two weeks before school would start, and I had been saving my money all summer till finally I had enough to buy a new bike.

I had visited it many times and had put down a deposit on it. I told everyone about how nice it was and they were excited along with me

Today was the day.

The shop didn't open until ten, but I was there early waiting. I had the money counted out to the penny. In fact I had counted that money out several times.
As I left the shop I was very proud of my new bike, and I decided to walk it home instead of riding for I was going to break it in slowly like they did new cars.

I had to go by the pool hall and as I did three rough necks came out and said, "Where are you going with my bike?"

I tried to walk on by but they blocked my way. Then they tried to take my bike, but I held on tightly until they finally knocked me loose from it. That hurt a lot and they cut my lip and my nose was bleeding as I made my way to the restaurant.

I blurted out my story and my Pa was angrier than I had ever seen him.

Finally Ma said, “Calm down and call the police.”

Paddy said that won't be necessary I will be back shortly.  

Ma was cleaning me up as he left and as soon as she would let me, I ran after him. Paddy had already arrived at the pool hall, and I saw him hit the one who was riding my bike so hard in the kidney that he just collapsed with the bike on top of him. 

Before anyone could move he punched another one in the throat and he fell to the sidewalk gasping for breath.

Then as the third one tried to getaway paddy hit him in the temple and he was out cold.

As I arrived he looked at my nose and anger flashed in his eyes as he went over to each of them and flattened their noses with a barrage of blows.

About this time O'Malley the beat cop came up and asked, “What is going on Paddy?”

Paddy quickly explained the circumstances, and showed him my cut lip and my nose.

O'Malley said that's alright laddie in a few days you will be healed up while these punks will be in jail for quite a while.

Oh Lawd!

To be Continued 

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