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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Niagra Falls
With the wedding behind them Charles and Edie were on their honeymoon and this morning they slept in until eleven o'clock.

Yesterday was a long day and they didn't sleep much last night. Charles had some questions in his mind that popped up seemingly out of nowhere but most of his wonderings were answered satisfactory earlier last night.

So far they had shared everything with one another, but the thoughts he had last night would remain with him at least until they were ninety.

He found himself a little out of character and feeling a little foolish this morning, he didn't say it out loud but he thought, "She's a keeper," and we are really going to get to know each other these two weeks.

As for Edie, while she had loved Charles enough to marry him, she now found new levels of caring about him.

She thought to herself, “He is just what I wanted,” and an air of satisfaction seemed to engulf her.

As they were getting dressed Charles went over and kissed her and gave her a strong embrace.  After a moment she said, “We had better get dressed or we will miss lunch also.”

Charles smiled at that and said. “I think you are right.”

After lunch they returned to their room and prepared for the afternoon trip to the American Falls. It took a little longer than they thought but finally they were on their way.

They found the falls to be awesome and they stood transfixed while holding hands.

The guides gave a lot of information about the falls such as a glacier formed the Great Lakes and the falls was a result of that.

Tomorrow they were planning to journey into Canada and view the falls on the other side.

At the evening supper they met several newlyweds like themselves and they all went in a group to the Canadian side and spent much of the day with them.
Niagra Falls Frozen 1911
There was something they had trouble believing and that was the falls at one time had frozen and people actually walked out on them.

After spending most of the day with the other newlyweds they decided to go it alone, for the others seem to get into spats over nothing and it didn't make sense to them.

After four days at the falls they had seen all they wanted to see and headed to New York City and were amazed at all the sights.

You took your life in your own hands trying to cross the street.

There were horse drawn street cars and buildings that reached up to the sky and interesting small rooms called elevators that you got into, and it would take you up to different floors of the buildings, in stead of walking up the stairs. 
Charles couldn't imagine walking up twenty floors.

They decided to visit the docks which were similar to the ones back home except they were much busier.
Many people called immigrants by the hundreds were coming over from Ellis Island carrying sacks with all of their possessions in their hands.

Here and there were people pushing hand carts with goods for sale and cops everywhere trying to control what seemed like madness to Charles and Edie.

The afternoons were times for sight seeing but the nights and mornings were spent alone with each other.

They determined they had seen enough of New York and decided to return home a day early without telling anyone of their arrival.  It would be good to get set up in their new home and relax for a day before the questions started about how was married life.

To be Concluded

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