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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Today ends the fictional continued story of Charles and Edie.  A new fictional Story will begin soon.  Sign up to follow by e-mail so as to NOT miss any of the chapters.

Plenty of Food for Home Coming
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Having come home on Saturday, the next day both families got together for dinner on Sunday.

It seemed like all the family and a host of friends were there to welcome Charles and Edie home. The food was set out on tables where everyone could help themselves and then try to find a place to sit and eat.

After dinner Edie stood up and gave a run down of all they did, at least all of the sight seeing and people they had met.

She was hoping that by doing a short speech, it would eliminate the need to be collared and questioned by different individuals and having to tell the same story over. 

Alas there were still some questions the ladies just had to ask. She knew they would be of a personal nature, and she was ready with several “none of your business” type answers.

Charles told her, “I don't want to have a family too soon; I would prefer to wait awhile.”  Edie said, “Maybe you should have thought of that before the honeymoon.”

He gasped and said, “You are not pregnant already are you?”

She smiled and said, “Probably not but you know how babies get here don't you?

That night he was determined to restrain himself for he wasn't ready for kids, but around ten o'clock he thought maybe kids won't be so bad after all.

All this time Edie had been teasing Charles and found him to be somewhat uninformed in some areas especially about birth control.

Prior to the wedding she had made an appointment with her doctor and inquired about the latest information as to what people were using for delaying starting a family.
Edie pretty well knew all about the subject, but she wanted up to date information on the newest devices.

When she showed Charles what she had acquired from the chemist he wondered where he had been, not to know all about this.

This solved a problem for him because with the business just getting started; he needed to be focused on making it a success.

Days, weeks, and months went by and after three years he told Edie, “I think its time for us to start our family and she agreed with him.”

Edie held a responsible position in an accounting firm, and was on moving up as fast as they would allow her to.  However her maternal instincts had over ruled her desire to be a successful business woman.

Over the next five years they had three children, two boys and a baby girl.

The grandparents tried to spoil them but Edie wouldn't allow them to go too far.

She wondered about the future and if any one of them would take after their father for by now she was convinced he was the perfect man.  

 (When compared to others that is!)

The End

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