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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 27

Gulf Port Beach
We talked late into the night but Ma and Pa gave up around eleven and went to bed.

Finally at midnight I said, “I'm tired, we can pick this up tomorrow for I will be here for a few days before heading back to New Orleans.”

Linda decided to stay overnight instead of going home, and slept in Marley's room.  
She got up early enough to go home and change into fresh clothes before work.

The high humidity made it necessary to change clothes at least once every day. There wasn't too much difference between the weather in New York and Gulfport at this time of year, so I was dressed for it.

I had told Linda to come back by, and I would fix breakfast for us, and then I would walk her to work.

I wanted to look over the town some more, and visit the high school I had attended.  At about eleven thirty I was at the pier, and was ready for lunch.
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Marly had just made it to work, for she had slept in.  She saw me rearranging the table where I was sitting, and she said, “What’s the matter with the way I set it?”

 I said, “Nothing really, but I have been trained to set tables a certain way, and I just automatically set them that way without thinking.”

She said, “Let me take your order,” so I went along with her, and ordered some Gumbo and cracklin corn bread and butter. When Marly brought me my meal I told her that I could have went and got it.

She laughed and said, “You are trying to beat me out of a big tip aren't you?”

Paddy came over and talked to me for a while and said that I was getting out of shape and needed to get back into the gym and toughen up.

I said, “You sure have that right for I haven't been working out for over a month.” As he left he said. “Don't you sluff off and not do it.”

I promised him I would just as soon as I returned to New Orleans.
I never knew how much I missed my friends until I came back and associated with them again.

Noonan wanted to know if I learned anything, and if I could remember what they taught me. I assured him I could remember everything, because I made myself notes on each dish they served, and then late at night I would write out the full recipe.

I had enough recipes to fill two or more books but since they were what you might call secret recipes, I would not share them without permission from the New York chefs.

I went home and visited with Ma while she fixed supper for us. She said that both Linda and Marly would be here for the evening meal so we would wait for them. The girls showed up and we enjoyed a fine meal before the questions began again.

This time it started with "How many girl friends did you have in New York?" I lied and said, “There were too many to count. I can't remember them all.” Then I made up some stories about several of them and how sophisticated they were.

They both frowned at what I was telling them but wanted to hear more. They were jealous of these girls that didn't exist, and saw them as their competition.

Marly said, “Let me tell you something right now, they don't have anything we don't have.”

I could see I was hitting a nerve and was tempted to lay it on heavier but decided against it.  I just said, “It’s true you do have everything they have, but what they have is different.”

They weren't going to let me get away with that, and for the next hour, they wouldn't stop until I agreed the girls in Gulfport, and them in particular, were better than those smarty New York ones.   

Oh Lawd           
To be Continued

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