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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, April 29, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 26

When I arrived in Gulfport I immediately made my way home to see my folks.

Ma was there for she didn't work in the restaurant as much as she did before they hired some help.  Marly still worked there when she wasn't in school.

Linda got a job working in Woolworth to help with her expenses.

After spending some time with Ma I said I'm going down to the restaurant and get something to eat and visit with Noonan and the gang and of course I want to see Pa.

The food was still as good as I remembered it, and after eating nothing but French food for almost a year it was a welcome relief.  Marly showed up for work and she hugged me until I had to get my breath.

She wanted to talk about what had happened this last year, but I told her it could wait until tonight after she got off from work. I talked with Noonan, Abdul and Paddy for some time and then left.

I walked downtown and it hadn't changed much. I started to go into Woolworth's but changed my mind and went to the station house to see O'Malley for he was one of my favorite people.

We chatted for a while and I asked how things were going. He said the navy has brought in quite a large number of new navy men and that had caused him some trouble.

Paddy Wagon
courtesy free clip art
He went to the base and insisted that they increased the shore patrol presence and have a wagon standing by for transporting the guys that became unruly.

They agreed and since then the problem has become manageable.

I said goodbye to O'Malley and remembered there was a soda fountain in Woolworths and I decided to get a milkshake, and at the same time I hoped I would see Linda.

I asked the soda jerk if she was working, and he said “Yes she works in the dry goods section.”
As I was finishing my milkshake she spotted me and came quickly to where I was and hugged and kissed me in front of everybody.

When she realized what she had done she began to blush. She then said “Phooey with everyone, and kissed me again.”

After we chatted for a while she walked me to the door, and said she would be over tonight and wanted to hear all about my trip and time in New York.

The afternoon was wearing on so I went home and spent some time alone with Ma.  
Fried Chicken

She fried us some chicken, and the fixins for supper while the rest of the family would eat at the restaurant before coming home.

My Ma could really cook, it was what some would call plain but I called it "palate pleasing."

When Linda got off work, she came straight over to Ma's house to see me and there was plenty of chicken left over for a meal for her. She talked as she ate and had a lot of questions about what New York was like.

I said, “Let’s wait until Marly gets here for she wants to be in the discussion and it will save answering the same questions over and over again.”

A few minutes later Marly showed up and the questions began to fly.

I said, “First of all let me tell you about my trip there. The train first went to Chicago where I had to change to another train for New York. Not only did I have to change trains, I also had to change stations.

I took a train to New York named the "20th Century." When I arrived at the New York station I felt lost and although I couldn't afford it, I took a cab.

He dropped me off at the restaurant, and I went in and introduced my self. They said they had been expecting me, and had a place for me to stay.

I must say that their being friendly made me feel a lot better.”

Oh Lawd!     
To be Continued

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