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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 22

Not a Good Idea!!
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After my High School Graduation, I made preparations to go to New Orleans and start to work; first I loaded the rumble seat with my goods.

Marly and Linda were going with me, and would drive my car back home to be stored in the barn. The restaurant provided me with a room in the back courtyard of the restaurant.
It was different being able to be right at work when I got up, and the street mall had all the shopping for things I needed.

After getting settled the girls were on their way home. I gave them specific instructions about going straight there without any side trips.
Of course they agreed and they said it would only take them a little over two hours to make the trip.

As they were sailing along there were two men hitchhiking along the road, and even with my warnings they pulled over and gave them a ride.

The one said he got road sick if he didn't sit in the front so Linda sat in the rumble seat with the other man.
After a few minutes the one said he was going to throw up and to pull over. When the car stopped they all got out and the girls walked away from the car so they could talk about the men they had picked up.

They walked and giggled about what they had done, and said, “Wouldn't Robert be mad if he knew about this?” They both said, “He will never hear it from me.”

They talked about how easy it was to pick up men when you have a car, and about that time, the car went flying by them leaving them standing on the side of the road.

As they looked at each other, fear and disbelief came over them and at first they ran after the car that quickly disappeared out of view.
While catching their breath they realized their purses with all their money was still in the car and another wave of distress went over them.

Oh NO - What to Do?
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There were very few cars traveling on the road to Gulfport and most of them were only going a couple of miles to some friend's house.

Marly said, "It will take us until tomorrow before we can walk home and how will we explain this to Pa and Robert."

After four hours the bus from New Orleans came by, and they flagged it down explaining to the driver what had happened.

Then they told him they didn't have any money to pay the fare. The bus driver only believed part of their story, and felt there was a lot more to it.
Because this was his regular route, and he had seen the girls before in town so lies or not, he let them get on board and ride to Gulfport.  

Some hours before the men that stole the car stopped at a restaurant to eat, and O'Malley happened by and saw the car. 
Thinking he would see Robert, he went inside the restaurant.  When he realized Robert wasn’t there he knew something was fishy, so he asked who was driving the red car because someone had run into it.

The two men stood up and said it was theirs.

O'Malley said , "I think you had better come down to the station, and we can straighten this out."
About this time they both tried to run by O'Malley, which was a mistake, for he grabbed the two of them, slammed them to the floor while several other patrons started pounding them.

When they arrived at the station house O'Malley asked them what they were doing with his car.  When he said it was “His car,” the blood drained from their faces, and they started telling lies about how they came to have the car.

After a few minutes he said, “Stop.  I have a lie detector which will find out the truth very quickly.”  

The men looked at each other and grinned thinking there wasn't any such machine.

Officer O’Malley called for deputy Rhino to come to the front desk, and this monster of a man ambled out and said, “Yea boss.”  

O'Malley said, “These boys are having trouble telling the truth. Do you think you can help them remember?”  

Rhino said, “I'm sure I can,” as he grabbed the one closest to him and with one hand picked him up and disappeared into the back room.
After two minutes and three broken fingers the man remembered everything and wanted to tell all.

Then it was the other thief’s turn to remember, and again after two minutes and two broken fingers he remembered every detail.

Their stories matched and O'Malley was sure they were telling the truth, so he put them in a cell and waited for the judge to come down.
Based on their confessions the judge gave them eight years of hard labor.      

Oh Lawd!    
To be Continued

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