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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 3

Cleaning pots
courtesy free clip art
The next day Marly and I headed down to the pier and the restaurant for we wanted to hear the rest of the story Noonan was telling us.

As soon as Pa saw us he told us to do our chores, and today he gave us more things to do than usual.

We worked extra hard to get them done so we could collar Noonan and get him to finish the story. We found Noonan behind the restaurant where he was scrubbing the pots and pans he used for cooking.

Breakfast was over and he had to get ready for lunch. We lit into him and said finish the story Noonan. He kinda looked away and said, “What story?”

“The one about when you were shipwrecked,” we replied.  

He said, “Oh yea, that one. I just don't have time to finish it because I have all these pots to clean.”

We quickly answered, “We will clean them while you tell the story,” to which he answered, “Well alright if you want to clean them.”

We started to scrub the kitchen ware and he took out his pipe, filled it and began suck in the smoke as he lit it. “Now let me see,” he started, “Where was I.” 
We both shouted you was naked and the girl watched you pee and then she came closer to you.”

“Oh yes, now I remember. This brown skin girl named Le-Lu came up to me and wrapped a thing like a towel around me covering me up which made me feel much better for I wasn't used to being naked around a lot of people.

Some of the women came back and wanted to remove my covering but Le-Lu wouldn't let them. They got into a big argument and after a while they all left.

It seems Le-Lu was a princess and they had to obey her commands.

As it turned out she had claimed me for her own and the other women had to leave me alone.

It was some time later I found out what the argument was all about. It seems all the women wanted me, even the old fat ones.

The men of the island didn't have much hair on their body and here I was with a hairy chest and a beard and mustache. I even had hairy legs and that was what it was all about.”

Our minds were captivated and what he left out we filled in with our imagination.

Noonan continued. “The next day they had a festival and it seems that Le-Lu and I got married. I didn't have a clue what was going on until later that night.

Instead of going back to my favorite tree I was led to a hut where Le-Lu slept. Many of the young men were giving me the evil eye and I was very uncomfortable.

I tried to object but the older women just shoved me in and stayed at the door.  That was an interesting night, much different than any nights I had before.”

We asked, “What was different about it?”  
Noonan said, “I don't think your Ma would want me to tell you about that.”

Then he said. “You got all those pots clean?” To which we answered, “All but one.”

He said, “When you get finished bring them into the kitchen, because I have to start lunch.”

When we had all the pots in the kitchen we asked, “When are you going to finish the story?” and he said, “Maybe tomorrow when you are cleaning the pots.”

We didn't like to scrub those pots but we couldn't wait until tomorrow to get started on them again, so we could hear more of his yarn.

Oh Lawd!        
To be Continued

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