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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 15

At the Movies
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The next day, after Abdul helped me become an expert kisser, I felt I needed to take a break and enjoy my new status, or at least how I felt about the new me.

I was trying to decide how soon I should go on a test run to try out my newly gained lip power.

After much deliberation I decided to be reassured before I took the plunge and took some girl on a date.

I decided to go down to the restaurant and ask Noonan about his experience in learning to kiss. I asked him, “Hey Noonan, how did you learn to smooch?”

He said, “You know if someone had asked me that forty years ago I wouldn't have told them this, but at my age I don't care anymore.

It was like this, I was shy and I kissed this gal and later I found out she told it around that I didn't know how to kiss. This embarrassed me so much that I went down to an older woman I knew, and paid her to teach me how to kiss.

The next time I talked a gal into going out with me I kissed her and she said, ‘You're kissing me like I was an old lady.’  Well I wasn't going to take that so I told her she didn't know anything about kissing. We argued for a while and then I told her if she knew so much then show me how to do it.

For the next hour she taught me all about how girls like to be kissed, and it took me several dates with her to forget what the old lady had taught me.”

That was all I could take, so I told Noonan thanks, but I had to go and do some chores.

Now I was really confused. I thought I'll just forget what Lola taught me, but to this day that kissing lesson still sticks in my mind.

After wearing myself out with worry, I concluded I would never kiss but once again, and that would be if I got married.   After that we wouldn't do it again, ever.

Friday night Linda called me up and asked me to go to the movie show with her the next day.

I tried to get out of going, but she said Marly is going with her boy friend, and now that we are going steady we should go too.

“Going steady; who said anything about going steady?” I thought.  She said you thrilled me by kissing me after the dance, and I would like you to do it again.

I felt trapped so I agreed to meet Linda at the show for the matinee. She was already in line when I got there so I gave her the money for our tickets.

She said she wanted to sit in the back so she got in line early because the seats in the back filled up quickly. So here we sat on the back row with the lights still on so everyone could see us.

Marly and her friend came in and sat a few rows in front of us. When she saw us she started laughing to herself, but I knew why she was doing it.
Finally the lights went out, the movie started and then I finally drew a relaxed breathe.
Up until then I was as tight as a violin string.
Linda leaned over as close to me as possible and put my arm around her shoulder. It was at that point I decided we needed some popcorn.  Eventually I had to return, and she asked why it took so long to get it.

I lied and said it was because the line was long. We ate our popcorn and I said I was thirsty and would be back shortly. I got us some sodas and she leaned over against me again.
I started to go and get some candy and she pulled me back into the seat and said, “We don't need any more popcorn, drinks, candy or anything else what we need is to enjoy the movie,” as she put my arm around her shoulder again.

I could see Marly in the dark, and every so often the guy she was with would lean over and kiss her.
The movie was half over when I came to my senses and I reached over and kissed Linda right on the mouth and she kissed me back.

The next day I asked Marly if she enjoyed the movie she said, “I didn't watch much of it, what about you, did you like it?”

I could only smile and say, “Yes it was pretty good,” when in realty I hadn't seen hardly any of it either.      
Oh Lawd!       
To be Continued  

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