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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, April 26, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 23

We Didn't Mean for it to Happen !!
As O'Malley sat in his office he wondered, “What was Robert thinking, letting those girls have his car?”

It had been easy to spot when it was parked at the restaurant for it was the only one like it in the entire State.

Having retrieved it from the thieves, he took the car over to Robert's house, locked it up in the barn, and to make sure it stayed there he disabled it so it wouldn't run.

After some time the girls arrived on the bus, and tried to avoid talking to O'Malley. He cornered them and asked where they had been since it was getting late.

They tried to lie about their whereabouts but O'Malley wouldn't let them off the hook that easy. He said he had a lie detector, and it would get the truth out of them.

He took them down to the station house and called Rhino out from the back. He said, “These girls are having trouble telling me the truth.”

Rhino smiled and in the baddest sounding voice they ever heard he said, “Do you want that I should break their fingers Boss?” as he cracked his fingers.

As soon as they heard the noise his fingers made when he bent them backwards they told O'Malley the whole truth.

They began to cry as they told him their story, and finished by saying they didn't know how to tell brother what happened since he warned them to go straight home.

O'Malley didn't change his facial expression at all, and looked very grim as they told him their story.

He finally said, “Come on I'll take you home.”  However he never mentioned to them, that he had taken care of the whole problem.

When they arrived home he said, “Get some sleep, and I’ll see what I can do about this problem tomorrow.”

O’Malley then went to the restaurant, and filled Pa in on what had happened, and asked him not to let on that he had taken care of the situation.

Linda lay in bed trying to think of a way to explain to her parents what she had done. and even worse how to tell Robert about sitting in the rumble seat with a man she had never met.

She really felt guilty about that for the rumble seat is small, and the man kept rubbing against her.

Marly felt bad, but for a different reason. She wondered how she was going to get the money to buy Robert a new car to replace the one she let get stolen.   Neither girl got much sleep that night.

It was three weeks before I got a day off so I could come home.  When I got off the bus, O'Malley saw me, and we had a cup of coffee while he explained the entire situation.

At first I was stunned and then infuriated.  O'Malley settled me down, and told me the girls didn't know he had recovered the car and put it in the barn.

He said, “Don't mention that I have told you anything, and make the girls sweat it out, until they confess; that is punishment enough.”

I went down to the restaurant at the pier and Marly was waiting tables. She just waved at me, and continued to serve the customers.
I said hello to Ma and Pa and told Pa I had talked to O'Malley and he had filled me in on what happened. I asked him not to say anything, and I would act as if I didn't know about the circumstances

I wanted to see if Marly would tell me about it on her own, and what she would say.

I found Linda at home and when she saw me she got busy folding the laundry and ironing. It was mostly small talk until I asked how their trip home was.  
She fumbled for words and finally started to cry, and then poured out the whole story, and how she was sorry about her part in the whole mess.
I acted quite angry and left in a huff.   
Oh Lawd!
To be Continued

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