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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 14

It was a couple of days before I got over Linda and Marly laughing at my lack of kissing expertise. 

When I settled down I decided to fix that instead of being so embarrassed.

But who should I go to? Ah yes, it had to be Abdul, the man who knew all about love and love making.  

Even though we were close, and he had educated me about the things I needed to know at my age; it was a little hard to ask him for help on how to kiss.

But at least I knew he wouldn't laugh at me and I could trust him not to talk. I was in a quandary wondering if other boys my age were in the same predicament as I ... hmm.

Abdul counseled me saying, “You know eventually you will figure this out by trial and error,” but I said, “I don't think I will last that long for I am desperate.”  
He said, “Okay it’s off to Lola's place.”

The very sound of that was frightening, but I was committed to becoming a real good kisser, so off we went.

About twenty minutes later we arrived at a house that was dark from the outside, and I wanted to leave already.  Abdul said, “C'mon lets get this over with,” which made it sound like it would only take a couple of minutes, so I said "Alright let's do it."

We knocked and when the door opened a beautiful, but heavily made up woman looked at us and said, "Hello Abdul where have you been?"

Abdul said, “Oh I've been around.”  Then he took her over to a corner and in hushed tones they talked for a couple of minutes.

Every conceivable thought concerning what was going to happen went through my mind, and I went numb with dread.

When the thought, “What am I doing here?” came to mind, as she approached me and said "Come with me." 

I all but fainted as she took my hand and led me into another room.

For the next hour she taught me everything, I mean everything about how and why, and when and where concerning "The kiss."

She explained and demonstrated, and then made me practice on her. While that sounds bad it wasn't, because it was instructive and produced results although I would have liked to have learned about the "tongue in the mouth stuff from someone else."

She brought me back into the room where Abdul was, and he asked me how it went and I said, "Great."

He said I think we better clean you up a little before we leave because you have lip stick all over you.

If it was to do over again I would have insisted she scrape off some of that makeup for I even had it in my mouth.

I thanked her for the lessons, and as we left Abdul slipped her some bills and said I will see you at a later time.
After I began to return to normal, I thought “If anyone ever finds out about this I will have to leave the country for I couldn't live with that knowledge going around.”

Abdul assured me that absolutely no one would ever find out about it unless I told someone, and I never did.

When I arrived home I was removing my shirt as the housekeeper came in and asked how all that lipstick got on my shirt. I just had to lie and said, “Some boys held me down and smeared it all over me.”

She smiled at me and said, “Do you expect me to believe that?” I said, “No but that was the best lie I could come up with at this particular moment.”

She laughed and said, “I better get this in the wash before your mother sees it and has a fit.

OH LAWD!    
To be Continued

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