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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 17

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I could hardly believe that story Noonan told me about his trip down in Mexico, but I didn't question him about it.

The summer had passed and it was almost time to go back to school. I moved on up to high school while Marly had another year of Jr. High.

Things were a little different in high school there were more social events scheduled and more interaction with the opposite sex such as dances and acting in the school plays, and working together on school projects.

Sports became more intense as the competition between schools became important. I wasn't too fond of wearing the short gym pants but mandatory showering after class cleaned up some of the boys that had an aversion to bathing.

Marly decided to swear off boys for her attempts at romance left her somewhat unfulfilled. It seems that the guys she went out with, usually were too fresh, unfaithful, and want her to pay for everything.  With her meager finances she couldn't afford them.

I happened to over hear her having a frank discussion with Ma, and it made me blush.  Ma's advice was mostly about what you want to do without coercion, and who you want to be.  
After that talk with Ma she took a “Who needs them?” attitude toward guys.

Since I was going to a different school than Linda and Marly they became close friends and they would often talk in whispered tones where I couldn't hear them, and then giggle while looking at me.

I knew they were having fun at my expense and was having trouble figuring out how to get even with them.

Marly was self invited when Linda and I would go somewhere and I wasn't quite happy about it even if Linda was my sister or not.
When we went to the show, we used to sit in the back and now we sat in the middle seats. That  pretty well eliminated the hugging and kissing, and that was one of the reasons I wanted to go to the movies.

Worst of all, when we went to a school dance I had to do something I hated, and that was to dance with my sister especially if it turned out to be a slow dance.

As it turned out this went on for the whole year, and I asked most everyone I could trust not to blab about it and what I should do. In every case it was some version of, “Now she is your sister and you must watch over her.”

It looked like neither she nor I was going to do much courting this year even though I would introduce her to a lot of boys from my new school.

I was disgusted with the whole idea of, "Romance for teens" except when the three of us would come home from a late event Marly would stop at home while I walked Linda home, just the two of us.

I would kiss her goodnight and the warmth of her lips would make everything alright again.

I think her father must have had super hearing for two minutes after we would get on the porch the light would come on, and he would say in his sternest voice, "Linda, its time for you to come in, and tell that young man to go home."

We finally figured out to do our kissing before we got to the porch.

I was disturbed by the way things were going this year but Ma would say, “The things that should work out, will work out, so don't worry about it.

While I couldn't fully see the logic of what she was saying, but it always made me feel better just hearing it.

Oh Lawd!            

To be Continued


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