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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

OH LAWD chapter 13

Kids Dancing
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I'm going to skip over many things not so exciting and tell you about some that were interesting. 

On the last day of school I was happy and also gloomy. I said goodbye to some of my teachers who had painstakingly taught me the three R's and next year I would be going to another school.

It was a combination of sadness and ecstatic joy. I suppose everyone who has had that experience knows what I mean.

The summer was before me and I had it all planned out.

One of the first things was what you might call, "My coming of age party."

There was a thing beginning to stick out on my throat and my voice was beginning to change.

There was also other things happening but I won't go into that.

The event was going to be on the coming Sunday after church time. The pier was decorated and all the local folks associated with the goings on related to the pier were invited.

There were also some self-invited people who showed up, but that was alright for after all it was a party. The party went into the evening with so many people there.

Marly invited several of her friends and those who had boyfriends tagged along with them.

Her new boyfriend came and I talked to him for a while.  Actually I told him what I expected as to his conduct with my sis. He said, “Alright but you had better tell her the same thing.”

Later I thought, “What did he mean by that?” so I asked Marly if she knew what he meant.

When she found out what I said to her boyfriend, she got as mad as a twelve year old could get, and she didn't speak to me for the next two weeks. 

Finally Ma told her to straighten up. When she told Ma why she was mad Ma said, “Perhaps you and I should sit down and have a talk for he didn't go near far enough.”  

After Ma got through with her she came out and gave me her worst hateful look but things got back to normal soon after that.

After the party and a few other things happened which I won't go into; but I decided that this phase of growing up was going to be a greater challenge than I thought.

This girl thing was confusing but I decided I might as well get started trying to figure it out.

Marly had several girl friends, some who were a little older than she was.

One day she said, “You should talk to Linda for I think she has a crush on you.”

She continued, “There is the school dance coming up and I going to it, why don't you ask Linda to go with you?”  

I told her, “You know I don't dance very well.”  She said, “I can teach you the steps and you can practice them by yourself.”

It seemed to be another one of those things that was inevitable so I agreed.

After a while I got the hang of it and spent a few minutes each day practicing with Marly although I had trouble having to hold her being my sister and all.

She then coaxed me into calling Linda to see if she would go to the dance with me and to my surprise she said, “Sure I would love to go.”

After several nervous days the time had came and I got Paddy to drive me to pick up Linda to take us to the dance. He was to pick us up at about ten and take us home.

When we arrived, the music was playing and suddenly my mouth went dry. I gave them our tickets and we went in. I headed to the punch bowl to wet my dry mouth.

Linda came over after talking to her friends and said, “Let’s dance,” so I said “Alright.”

It so happened to be a slow dance and she was hugging my neck to where with my tight collar, and her hugging I thought I was going to choke.

As time went by I got into the mood of things and began to enjoy the evening. After the dance Paddy picked us up and we took Linda home.

I walked her to her door and she kissed me.

About the only kissing I had ever done was to kiss Ma but this was different.

This was Friday and on Monday I heard Linda talking to Marly saying that brother needs some kissing lessons for it was like my mother kissing me.

Hearing this was the worst embarrassment I had experienced up to now, and hearing Marly laugh about it sure didn't help.

Oh Lawd!

To be Continued  

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