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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shy Little Wilbur

This is a true story – only the names have been changed to protect - - - -

Innocemt Looking Man
courtesy free clip art
Perhaps you remember an actor named Henry Gibson who among other things starred on "Laugh In" and usually recited poetry.  He was small and harmless looking holding a flower while reciting.

There was another little man who resembled Gibson who didn't recite poetry but was harmless appearing.

However he killed his wife with a shot gun. His defense lawyer pleaded his case, trying to show his wife deserved to be killed and Wilbur’s actions were proper. He further argued that there were mitigating circumstances namely "He wanted to do it.”  The jury didn't fully buy this argument but decided to give him a reduced sentence due to "possible" mitigating circumstances.

Enter the second chance crowd, who argued Wilbur might have been guilty, but deserved a second chance. They fought for him until the parole board caved in and said that three years was long enough confinement for blowing his wife's face off.

Lil' Wilbur was a free man and sought new friends. As he developed these new friends they in turn introduced him to their friends. Shortly he had a circle of people who accepted him into their social sphere.  He along with a couple of other people often went to a home where they would drink beer and talk for hours. The lady of the house didn't know him except through these friends of his and through them he gained her acceptance.

One early morning he went to that house, walked in and shot the lady of the house five times and killed her.

At his trial his lawyer cried forth "There were mitigating circumstances" which was "He wanted to do it" after all she deserved to be killed without reason. He was found guilty of manslaughter and sent to prison.

Enter the second chance-ers, they pleaded his case saying "mitigating circumstances" she may have deserved it. They kept this up for seven years until they got him released.

Lil' Wilbur was a free man once again and began his new life living with his relatives. A few months passed and he met a child who was three years old. He got to know her and her parents.  One day he raped her and injured her.

His lawyer cried loud and long "Mitigating circumstances" the child was at fault, because the three year old girl seduced him and deserved it. The jury sentenced him to a short sentence and the second chance-ers once again cried "Mitigating circumstances" it was the child’s fault.

They vowed not to stop until he was free! This time he didn't cooperate with them, for he died before they could get him free.

"When a nation can no longer judge itself, it will fall" so says the Old Sage.

 A New Fictional continued story begins soon - stay with us!


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