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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

LIL' ALLEN Chapter 13

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Allen and Emma were drained after all that had just transpired the last six weeks; their marriage, getting settled, meeting each others parents and the upheaval at work.

Seeing your fellow coworkers being fired, and them knowing you were going to have their job created a tension no one wanted, yet it was there.

Good Bye
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Saying goodbye and even though they knew it wasn't your fault there had to be some accompanying hard feelings.  

All of this didn't make it any easier for Allen and Emma to make the necessary adjustments in their lifestyle to accommodate each other.

The first weeks in a marriage are a time when love should mature at a new level and it was being imposed upon by outside forces. The next week was much the same for Emma, but for Allen it was a time of learning and adjustments to his new position.

His staff wasn't much help for they were new just like him.  After the first week plus some overtime Allen felt he had a handle on things and could focus more on his new bride.

It is easy to become resentful when one feels they are being denied that which is rightfully theirs, and Emma had some of those feelings.

Allen was trying to simplify his job and become more direct in doing the work assigned to his department.  It was complicated by several factors, and he was laboring through but  was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ingeniously he delegated authority in each of the areas they had to deal with and emphasized all they were doing was making decisions that were to be carried out by the next department.

There were a few leftovers from the old crew that weren't fired, and they resisted the changes Allen was putting in place to the point where Allen had to tell them either do it his way or transfer to another department.
Most of the workers stayed but some were still resisting the new changes even after Allen had fired a couple of them.

Things were beginning to smooth out even with the politics that affected his job. The politics: he was given people to replace persons fully capable of doing there job with unqualified people just because of ethnicity.

They did a disservice to those of color who excelled in their position.

Allen always kept in focus that it was essential to get what was needed to those who needed it when they needed it.

The importance of this was drilled into him from the time he spent in Korea and when things they needed never arrived.

In the midst of all this merry-go-round, he resolved to work his 9 to 5 shift and then the rest of his time belonged to Emma.

They scarcely had a moment for each other during this time of upheaval at work, and he vowed this wouldn't happen again.  As important as his job was, his marriage was more important.  A decision he made was that his work was not going home with him but it would have to wait for his return the next day.

With two salaries they were soon able to buy a home using a VA loan and were able to put money in the bank.  Allen's new position almost doubled his salary but since Emma enjoyed her job she kept working.

Then an unexpected event caused her to reconsider giving up her employment.  She felt they could get by on Allen's salary just fine so it was not that much of a concern for her.

There were times when the appetite for love making was stronger than for food and they were not as mindful of birth control, the result of which lead Emma to have to inform Allen of something.

To be Continued  

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