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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, January 5, 2013

LIL' ALLEN Chapter 5

Confusing Emotions
It was Monday and back to work.  Allen and Emma didn't meet for breakfast or lunch or for dinner.

The date on Saturday had turned their world into a kaleidoscope of thought.

The color, the shape of thinking was constantly changing so fast they couldn't focus on any one thing. 
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Emma was experiencing fluctuations in her emotions she had never felt before.  It was like what teenagers experience as they begin to develop in three areas all at once.

Allen decided he wasn't going to occupy his mind with anything pertaining to marriage but the more he resisted it the more it was on his mind.

He tried to close the subject by thinking,  “I'm too young to get married for I'm only twenty five. I should wait until I'm thirty five if ever.  But then I would have to marry someone around twenty for those my age would have been picked over a couple of times.”

He finally got his mind back on his business and then was called into his boss's office.
He was told they had to let one of the co-workers go because of..... he didn't finish what he was going to say but continued on saying, “They are considering you for her job and it would mean a raise in pay.”

Her job!  Allen wondered if it was Emma's job they were talking about.

Even though they were only causal friends he didn't want to take her job!

But as he thought about it he concluded if they fired her it wouldn't be her job, at least not any longer and him taking it wouldn't be hurting her.

Someone else will get the job if I don't take it, still I wouldn't want to take the position of my future wife. He then swallowed and said, "What am I talking about, I'm not going to marry her."

In all of his life he had never been so disorganized in his thinking.  It was her fault all about this marriage busines, for he wasn't interested in it.

He had some vacation time coming so he asked his boss if he could take it in the very near future.  His boss looked over the schedule, and said, “That would be alright, for there was only one other person who had also asked for time off.”  

Allen needed to get away from the office for a few days.  He had not been able to visit all of the D.C. sights even though he lived there.  Mostly it was because of the time factor, but now he could go to things like the memorials and Fords Theater and take the White House tour.

He started early the first day, and went to the shop where he usually went for breakfast and there he saw Emma.  He was trapped so he sat down with her.

They didn't talk, just ate their food.

When they were finished she said this was the first day of her two weeks vacation.  

She wanted to see some of the museums, monuments and the White House especially.

She wanted to take in many of the free things to see for she didn't have much money at the present.

Allen felt like some outside force was taking over his life.  He knew she would find out that he also was on vacation, and might see him at some of the places she was visiting.

Since he didn't want her to think he was trying to avoid her, he took a big breath and told her that he was also on vacation, and maybe they could visit some the sights together.  

He thought that being with her might be the best way for him to forget her and marriage.

To be Continued  


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