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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Grandfather's Wall Clock

A song I heard as a kid was My Grandfathers Clock. I always enjoyed hearing it again because it sounded different depending on who was singing and playing it.

My grandpa had a grandpa clock of sorts; since we were poor he could only afford a Seth Thomas Regulator wall clock. He kept it above the mantle and only he was allowed to wind it.
Even though it was only half as big as the floor models it did some of the same stuff like tic tocking and donging out the hours. He was quite proud of his clock and in the stillness of the country you could hear the ticking throughout the house.

The words to the grandfathers Clock song were in part were;

My grandfather said that of those he could hire,
Not a servant so faithful he found;
For it wasted no time, and had but one desire,
At the close of each week to be wound.

And it kept in its place,
Not a frown upon its face,
And its hand never hung by its side.
But it stopped short, Never to go again,
When the old man died.

Some year's later grandpa died but his clock kept on ticking and was sold along with the rest of his things by his widow for she had to move.

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