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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Cajun Woman
Courtesy free Cajun photos
As the days went by Lee thought there was more to Sam's story than he had told him.  

He continued to question him until Sam finally said. “If you will shut up and leave me be then I will tell you what you want to know, although there isn't much to tell. But first you must promise to go home with me and visit my family when we get to New Orleans.

What I'm going to tell you would be better in Cajun but you wouldn't understand but a few words so I will speak it in English.  

My folks came from Martinique and settled in the bayous and made their living off the land. By the time I was born they had moved near to what is now New Orleans. Still they lived among the Cajuns.  
I grew up on the docks and wanted to steer the boat one day.  A job was offered to me on the boat doing the dirty work first and then later I got to steer the boat when the captain got drunk.  I learned quickly and got to run the boat most of the time.

Afterwards I got my license to operate a river boat, and Captain Jack hired me and I have been with him ever since.”

That still didn't satisfy Lee so he asked Sam about the women in his life.  

Sam sighed and said, “Ah yes; dem Cajun women drive you crazy. They drive you crazy before you marry them, and after you marry them, they drive you more crazy.

You look at them, and they got you hooked, it's like they put a curse on you and you become helpless.”

Lee asked, “Did one ever hook you?”  Sam sighed again and replied, “Yes, she did, I took one look at her, and I melted under her spell.  She is much woman, so much it is like being married to two women. It is a good thing I don't get home but once a month.”

This excited Lee and he had to ask, “But what about children? Do you have children?”

Sam replied, “Yes I have three girls. They are all just like their mother. Too pretty to look at and every one of them boss me around. You can't imagine what its like to be bossed by three women.”

Lee had one final question for Sam at least for now and that was, “How old are your girls?”

Sam said, “The oldest is ready to marry now, she is sixteen. The next one is too old for you she is thirteen,” Lee interrupted and said. “I'm thirteen, the same age as her.”

Sam said, “You are not old enough for her cause Cajun girls are much older than their years.  Now the youngest is just right for you.  She is the prettiest one of the bunch, and by the time you are ready for the marrying she will be ready.”

Lee asked, “How old is she?”  Sam replied, “She is ten but tries to act as if she was going on fifteen.”

All the sudden it dawned on Lee what they were talking about.  He wasn't ready to talk about marriage, but he had been led into that conversation without realizing it.

The next day they docked in New Orleans, and after Sam finished his duties he grabbed Lee and said, “Let's go.”   Lee said, “Go where?”  Sam said, “You know where, you gave your word so let's go.”

Off they went, it took about an hour to get to Sam's house, and as soon as the girls saw him they came out and hugged him. The last one out was his wife and she gave him a big, long kiss that embarrassed Lee.

The oldest daughter ambled over to lee and started jabbing him with her finger. Lee wanted her to stop poking him for it was hurting.  Finally she quit, flipped her hair, and went back to the house without saying a word.

The next youngest girl came over and looked at Lee who was hoping she wasn't going to poke him for he was still hurting from the first one.

Then it was the last ones turn since she was only ten years old.  Lee noticed she was just starting to develop but was still without much shape.  

She slowly walked around him, making him very nervous and then said, “I guess when I'm ready I suppose he will do.”  

After that statement all three girls came over and were giving him the eye when Sam spoke up and said,

“Alright young ladies, you have had your fun, now cut it out you are making him nervous.”   
To be Continued  



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