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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, January 4, 2013

LIL' ALLEN Chapter 4

Foolish Spending

Allen mentioned about the cost over rides and exorbitant prices to his superior and again he was told, “That is just the way business is done.”

His boss gave Allen a warning, “Everyone from the top down adds a little for themselves, and the result is what you see.  A word of advice to you is if you want to keep your job then do like the rest of us and keep quiet about it. If you try to push this, the first thing you will hear is that your five years in the army can't be counted on top of your retirement, and then if you don't back off, you will be let go on some pretence.”
Shy Woman

About this time Allen met a woman in another department who was troubled by the same problem of waste and misuse of funds.

She had pretty much been given the same warning as Allen.  

It seemed these threats and intimidation was the way to keep the troops in the departments quiet and in line.

This woman was around Allen's age, and her personality was introverted and unsociable as was Allen's.
They could converse with one another without any expectation of acceptance or rejection.

To most outgoing people this would be unacceptable but Emma and Allen thrived on it.  At last they had found someone with whom they could relax and carry on a one or two syllable conversation with.

After realizing their jobs depended upon just doing what they were told and not to think for themselves they would only discuss those things between each other.

Finding solace with one another they ate lunch together and sometimes met for coffee and a roll for breakfast.

They also enjoyed concerts of classical music on the weekends after going out to dinner.

Then one day it dawned on Allen that for all practical purposes they were dating!  He had never dated a girl before for no one would go out with him.

He wondered how she felt about them being together so much but was afraid to ask her. Even when they were together they both still were very reserved and almost afraid to open up and show what they might be thinking or feeling.

One day, completely out of character for Emma she spoke up and asked Allen; have you ever considered or contemplated getting married?

He wasn't expecting her to say anything like this and he paused for a minute. When he spoke he said; well no, well yes actually, I have thought about it as a subject but not on a personal level.

She wasn't deterred by his answer and in her monotone voice replied, “Do you ever expect to think on it on a personal level?”

He replied, “I don't know, maybe I should someday.”   

She said, "If you ever do I would like to know what your conclusion would be if you came to one."

Allen answered saying, "That is something I would like to know also."

This line of thinking had provoked a broader spectrum of thought than they had ever experienced.

Neither of them was sure it was productive, but they were glad they had pursued it at least for this one time.

To be Continued

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