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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, January 25, 2013


Cajun meal
Sam's wife called everyone in for dinner and they all went in and sat down to a good Cajun meal with crayfish and lots of okra.

All during dinner, Lee could feel the three girls’ eyes probing him and he wanted to hurry up and finish eating so he could leave.

Sam tried to get Lee to stay overnight but he was having none of that.

As soon as they finished Lee thanked Sam's wife for the lovely meal, and he said he would see Sam in a couple of days when he got back to the boat.

As he left the shock of being there began to wear off and he thought that Sam's wife was a fine looking woman, and come to think of it so were the girls; but they had him so shook up that he didn't think about that.
When he arrived back to the boat they were just about finished unloading the cargo. 
The passengers had long since been gone and tomorrow loading the cargo for the trip north would begin.

When they arrived back to St. Louis, the Captain said they would stay at the Club Louise for a night, and Lee could see his old friends.  He was excited about that for it had been about two months since he had seen them.

The next couple of days went well and they shoved off and headed north.

About three days out Lee was headed for the dining area having to go through the cabins to get there. Two boys who were older than Lee blocked the way and wanted his cap.  He said no and tried to pass them. They both piled on him and beat him up pretty good and ended up taking his cap.

One of the food servers saw what was happening and yelled for them to stop which they did, and disappeared into their cabin taking Lee's cap with them.

The server helped Lee to his feet and steadied him until he could walk well enough to head straight to the wheel house and into his room.

The server found Captain Jack and told him what had happened and the Captain rushed up to Lee's room and inspected his injuries.  

Jack closed the door and went to the bully's cabin, opened the door and grabbed the young punks that beat Lee.  He slammed their heads against the wall until they went limp.  He then knocked their father down and told them they had five minutes to pack for they were getting off.

Captain Jack told the pilot to slow and get as close to the bank as it was safe. He then forced the offenders to the edge of the boat, and shoved them off into not too deep water. He then signaled for the pilot to back away from the river bank and to head downstream.

As the boat went downstream the offenders stood on the bank of the river soaking wet. 
Their suitcases had been floating in the water, and were full of muddy water which they were trying to drain out.

The last thing Captain Jack said to them was, “There are plenty of river people you can beat up on your way back downstream, but they are clannish and might not like it, so much so that you may not make it.”
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Captain had a couple of the cabin maids look in on Lee and clean him up, but it didn’t bother him as he was used to having women care for him at the club where he had been raised.

After a couple of hours Jack went in and talked to Lee about what happened.

He said this happens to about everyone, in fact I got whomped several times and survived.  Sam the pilot said, “Do you think those people will survive?  It will take them a week to get to the nearest town.”

Captain Jack answered, “I don't know nor do I care but I saved their life at least for now.”  Lee has too many friends on board who would kill them for what they did.  Sam asked, “What if they complain to the police?”

Jack said, “It will be hard to prove they were ever on the boat for I have all their papers and their money which I will give to Lee.

To be Continued 

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