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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

LIL' ALLEN Chapter 10

Wedding Bands

The next morning when Allen woke it was going on eleven o'clock.

He got up and went to the bathroom and freshened up then returned to bed.

Looking around he found his pajamas and put them on. He lay there just looking at Emma and marveled at how uninhibited she was with him.

This whole week seemed like a dream and he feared he would wake and it would only be his imagination.  

As he turned over on his back she woke up and when she saw him she smiled and said, “Good morning lover.”

Lover, He had never associated that word with himself and it caused him to redden a bit.

She hopped out of bed, found her nightie, and headed to the bathroom. When she returned after showering she looked more awake and asked are you hungry? Allen hadn't thought about it but her question made him realize, yes, he was hungry.

Quickly she tossed her night gown aside and proceeded to put her clothes on.  He had seen women's garments in the stores but never had seen someone put them on one at a time.

She asked, “Are you going to get dressed or what?”  

He had been so interested in what she was doing that he forgot about putting his own clothes on.  It only took a couple of minutes for him to dress and it was off to find a restaurant that served breakfast at this hour.

After breakfast they went shopping for some rings. They bought simple wedding bands for each of them and somehow it made them feel that they were now fully married.

It was the finishing touch to what had gone on before; her accepting his proposal, getting a license, the exchanging of vows, the night together and now this.

They really felt like they were married.

Their vacation had been turned into a honeymoon, something neither had expected, but had thoroughly enjoyed.

During these few days they had garnered many secrets they would tell no one ever.

The few honeymoon days had passed quickly and it was time to return home, but to which home. Since he had very little in the way of furniture it was decided that he would move in with her.  

During the week after the ceremony Emma had called her mother and broke the news that she was married.  

By the time they had returned home the word had reached the office and everyone was talking about it.

Two of the dullest people in the office had found each other and got married.

Some said they couldn't understand it.  Perhaps if they had simply moved in together, that would have been more reasonable, but marriage?

When Emma and Allen arrived at work the girls all looked at her gold wedding band and wondered how she had pulled it off.

This strange woman, getting a man of her own, that was just too much for them.

Emma was prepared for the teasing she would get the next few days. She would answer their teasing with facial expressions like, raising her eyebrows, winking, and smiling, frowning and other body language.

Even though they asked many questions like, "Is he a good lover?" she would answer by smiling big and winking at them.  She didn't verbalize very much for she wanted them to wonder what all that meant.  After all, it really was none of their business.

Allen on the other hand just ignored what the guys asked him and changed the subject by talking about things they had neglected to do while he was gone.

They soon got tired of being reprimanded for not being on top of their responsibilities and they stopped hounding him.

To be continued 

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