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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

LIL' ALLEN Chapter 8

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Allen, having failed in making the purchases he wanted at the drug store, was deep in thought.  He dreaded the next few hours.

As they drove through the town he spied a movie house and slowed down while asking Emma if she would like to see a movie.  She quickly said. “No, and if you drive any slower we will be parked. Speed up and let's get home.”

Allen speeded up and shortly thereafter they had arrived at the cottage.

Emma got out of the car and went inside while Allen sat there for a while.

He finally got up enough nerve to go inside and Emma was preparing to take a shower.
As a matter of fact she said, “This humidity makes your clothes stick to you so please turn on the fan and cool this place down.”

She then took her nightie out and laid it on the bed and removed her outer clothes before going into the bathroom.  He had turned away but when he looked at the bed and was relieved to see that she had taken her night wear with her to the toilet.

Allen sat at the kitchen table fully dressed not making any move toward preparing for bed when he saw the bag of goods Emma had bought.

He could still hear the shower running so he got up and went over to the bag and peeked into it.

He started to take the items out one at the time and look at them. The first item was a pint of peach brandy. He didn't drink and understood that she didn't either. He thought maybe she used it for other reasons but he couldn't think of what that could be.  Then it was a box with the letters; k. o. t. e. x. napkins, what on earth!  Next he pulled out something with the words "personal lubricant" written with further information on it and lastly a small box of twelve with the word Trojans in bold letters on the box.

Before he could put his thoughts together he heard the shower turn off.

He quickly replaced the items and busied himself with hanging his clothes up as she came out of the bath room.

She was wearing a thin almost see through shortie night gown. He tried to turn his head without success when she leaned over to pick up her clothes he just said, “I think I need a shower,” also to which she said, “Good, it will make you feel so much better.”

Allen finished his shower and came out dressed with his pajamas on and sat at the table where the bag was.  Emma came over and told him from now on when we are alone you can call me Emmy for that doesn't sound so formal and I will call you Al.  Allen said; okay.
She then reached into the bag and brought out the brandy which was a relief to Allen for he wasn't ready for the other items.

She handed him the brandy and told him to open it while she got two glasses. She then took it and poured two large drinks for them.

She said; I never drink but since you seemed to be a little uncomfortable I thought this would help you.
My grandfather used to keep a bottle of this and take a small jigger of it before bedtime and once he gave me a sip. Since this is a special celebration I wanted it to be something for us to remember.

She came over and sat down on Allen's lap, handed him his brandy and said; to us and a long, happy life. On the whole Allen wasn't a praying man but as he was drinking his drink he was praying; O Lord help me through this.

As she sat on his lap she kissed him on his lips several times. This was the first time they kissed unless you count the peck on the cheek the Justice insisted on after he pronounced them man and wife.

They had finished their drink and she had poured them another.

Allen thought the next time she kisses me I will kiss her back.

To be Continued


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